Hair & Hair Loss Infographic

Now you can learn  all the basics  about hair loss and hair transplant surgery visually  thanks to our dynamic and interactive infographic. If you like our infographic please share and let us know what you think by leaving a comment. This would definitely will encourage us to focus on our new hair transplant facts video! 🙂 If [...]

10 Hair Style Suggestions For Halloween

Try these hair cuts ONLY if you want to scare away people. Who needs a costume… Movember, misunderstood… Now you know why there was a hair in your ham sandwich “Saturn” he replied when they asked him what he would like to be in the future. At least the colours are matching Humpty Dumpty with […]

Norwood scale explained

A scale used to identify the stage of hair loss in males, there are seven levels or stages of hair loss in the Norwood Scale. Should you consult with the hair loss experts at GetHair, we can help you to understand what level of hair loss you’re currently experiencing, but it’s still a good idea […]

Common Hair Loss Types

Hair loss is a fact of life for many males, but in most cases it doesn’t need to be. In recent years there have been some miraculous advances in technology and science that have made successfully treating most types of hair loss very affordable. Common Hair Loss Types There are many  hair loss types (hair […]

Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Men

You may know which hairstyle you like – but will it look right with your face? When you’re on the market for a new style, it can be difficult to decide which one is best-suited for you. Fortunately, the selection process is easier than you think. Actually, just knowing which face shape you have can […]

Your Personal Appearance and How It Affects Your Self-Esteem

Men are often seen as more carefree where appearances are concerned, but as studies have proven decisively in recent years, not to mention the number of men’s grooming and personal products on the market, that actually isn’t the case at all. Male members of society, and not only young men, tend to place more importance […]

A Look at Fashion for the Modern Man

Being a man in today’s fashion-conscious world can be tough and the key to staying in-trend is all about adhering to some basic rules. While we are all aware that fashions change with each season and technology seemingly evolves even more rapidly, your standard of etiquette and the way a man should present oneself in […]

“FUE versus Strip” study started by FUE Research Committee

“FUE versus Strip” study has been announced by International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery . The aim of the study is to compare two major methods of hair transplantation and how they affect the survival rate of the harvested hairs in the short and long term. GetHair and our surgeons choose FUE method for our hair […]

Hair transplant payment made with Bitcoin

It is interesting to see how internet changes the way we do things. The way we shop , order our food,  pay our bills , look for a partner etc. Bitcoin was a really popular topic in 2013. For the ones who do not know what Bitcoin is it is a virtual currency. You can […]