Waste Human Hair – A Surprisingly Versatile Resource Going To ‘Waste’?

Turkey is a country full of surprises to those who aren’t familiar with her bounteous resources. She is for example the largest tea-drinking nation in the world and one of the world’s major tea producers to boot. Another surprise that may await visitors to our beautiful country is the fact that she is also one […]

Why ALL Men Should Train Their Legs

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Why ALL Men Should Train Their Legs If you’ve ever said the words “I don’t train my legs because I run/cycle/play football” then you’re missing out on some serious strength, physique and athletic benefits. All men should train their legs – as the largest muscle group in the body, there are a lot of secondary […]

Veganism – Could It Pose A Threat To Your Hair?

As people become more interested in healthier lifestyles many are turning to options like becoming vegetarian or vegan.   There’s certainly a lot to recommend these lifestyle alternatives. The strict vegetarian doesn’t eat meat of any type but still eats animal products like dairy, eggs, honey etc. They may also still wear leather or use […]

Turkey – A Country Steeped In Traditional Healing And Medicine

The technology that brings you your hair transplant may be new but Turkish folk medicine is as old as civilisation itself. Most ancient cultures have a history of traditional medicine that goes back to the beginnings of that society.   Chinese traditional medicine is probably the one we think of the most whenever we think […]

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Jeans….

The Ultimate Guide to Men's Jeans

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Jeans A well-made, well-cut and nicely-fitting pair of jeans are an omnipresent component of any mans wardrobe. There are few items that have stood the test of time as well as a good pair of jeans. They can be dressed up or down, worn in almost any circumstance and if […]

Summer Seasonal Foods and Why They’re Good For You!

summer seasonal foods

Summer Seasonal Foods and Why They’re Good For You! On this blog, we’ve discussed seasonal eating before. It’s essentially the idea of eating foods when they’re ‘in season’, which is basically when they’re at the best from a nutritional profile and taste point of view. We’re in summer now, so lets discuss a few of […]

Only In Australia!

At GetHair we have a number of Australian clients so we thought we’d take a look at the wide brown land they call home.   If you’ve looked at an atlas or Googled world maps you’ll have noticed that Australia is a rather large country.   It covers around 7,706 million square kilometres. To put […]

The Best Hair Loss Shampoos With Ketonconazole

The best types of hair loss shampoos for long term use recommended by experts are those that are free of sulphates like SLS and SLES as well as parabens. Therefore, your first step in choosing the right type of hair loss shampoo is getting into the habit of reading the labels on these products. The […]

Online Fitness Training – Does It Work?

online fitness training

Online Fitness Training – Is It For Me? Since the birth of the internet, more and more products and services have moved online. Everything from banking to shopping. You can even speak to your doctor online now! But what about fitness training? Can it and does it really work? The short answer is YES! Absolutely! […]

Can You Play Golf In Turkey?

Fancy a round of golf whilst you’re visiting us in Istanbul for your hair transplant? You may not realise it but we have a number of world-class courses here. It’s tempting to believe that golf is a fairly modern innovation in Turkey and when it comes to resorts and world-class courses designed to attract the […]

Not For All The Tea In China

According to Google, this saying had its origins in Australia in the late 19th/early 20th century and implies that one won’t do something regardless of the incentives offered. As in – I wouldn’t sell my car, not for all the tea in China. It stems from the fact that China was, and still is, a […]