Why We Should Be Eating More Walnuts

With a kernel reminiscent of a brain, and a nutritional profile that makes it a valuable addition to any diet, the walnut is one of those snacks that no household should be without. And if you’ve ever wondered why they’re so expensive, it’s because they’re often hand shelled. Further to this, if you’ve ever cracked […]

Working Smarter Not Harder

Good time management allows you to working smarter not harder. By organising your time, and planning ahead of time how to best divide your time between jobs that need doing, you can work a lot more effectively and efficiently.   And get a lot more done as well. One of the first steps in effective [...]

An Explanation For ‘Those’ Bad Hair Days

Do you have that annoying problem where every time you touch something you shoot electric sparks from your fingertips?   Or your newly transplanted hair stands on end. Welcome to the phenomenon of static electricity. Welcome to the bad hair days! Static electricity is caused by an imbalance in the positive and negative charges between [...]

How to Avoid Winter Colds

avoid winter colds

In the UK, winter is synonymous with picking up a cold. As soon as the dark nights creep in, the temperature drops and the outdoors becomes less appealing, many of us suffer a downturn in health, picking up nasty winter bugs that can take a few weeks to fully shake off. It doesn’t need to […]