The Science In Herbal Remedies, Or Is There Any?

Advertising for them abounds. On the Internet, in health magazines, and anywhere else advertising is allowed. But do they actually work? Many will tell you they don’t, and they’re just a bunch of quackery. Others swear by them, and refuse to believe there could be any element of truth in the ‘quackery’ theories! What are [...]

Why Should We Eat Vegetables?

eat vegetables

We’re all told as children that we should eat our vegetables, but why exactly should we? What are the reasons – we know they’re ‘good for us’, but what exactly does that mean? In this article we’re going to look in more detail at what that means and how why vegetables should feature more prominently […]

Intensity vs Frequency – How Should We Train?

online fitness trainingThere's a lot of debate amongst the personal training community about whether or not we should train less frequently but at a high intensity, or more frequently at a lower intensity. To answer this question accurately, we've got a lot of things to consider because as with many things in health and fitness, there are [...]

The Importance of Vitamin D….

vitamin DThe Importance of Vitamin D and How to Boost Your Levels Over recent years, Vitamin D has been highlighted as a vitamin of particular importance, thanks to its integral role in promoting overall health. It's a unique vitamin in the sense that our most effective form of intake comes from sun exposure and not from [...]

How To Find a Good Barber

how to find a great barberFor most men, although they don't realise it, their barber is one of the most important people in their life! A great haircut can set the tone for your look, how you feel, your confidence and self esteem. A bad haircut will destroy your confidence, so picking the right one is key. Once you have [...]

Guilty As Charged For Hair Neglect

Do you take care of your hair properly?   Or is it just something that adorns the top of your head that annoyingly needs a cut every once in a while and has to be kept clean? Apart from which, you pretty much ignore it! The average head of hair cops a fair amount of […]

Are Your Eating Habits Prematurely Aging You?

Did you know that what you’re eating could be causing you to age prematurely? We’re all aware of the importance of nutrition for optimal health but what we may not realise is that our diet can also play a major role in how quickly the effects of time catch up with us.   It has [...]