Lower Body Exercises You Can Do Outdoors

We have all been to that one gym where you are waiting ages to use equipment (usually a bench) and then having to settle completing your workout not doing the exercises you planned on doing, or have you stepped in to a non-air conditioned gym on a hot day and just wanted to leave straight [...]

Simple 5×5 training guide

Introduction For individuals who have never trained using weights before the prospect of starting can be quite intimidating. Not knowing what exercises to do for what muscle group or not knowing how long to train and how often are common reasons why people will never even start. This guide provides gym exercises for beginners and […]

Lowering blood pressure using the ‘dash diet’

With the World health organisation estimating that over 12.8% of deaths are caused by raised blood pressure it is an aspect of your health that you should never overlook. Raised blood pressure is a major risk factor in coronary heart disease and stroke related deaths. To get to grips about blood pressure here are a […]

Rooibos – An Interesting Take On Tea

Aspalathus linearis is a member of the Fabaceae family.  It’s classified as a cape gorse and is native to the winter rainfall areas of South Africa.  The species that are used to make Rooibos tea are predominantly native to the Western Cape’s mountainous Cedarberg region.  The plant typically grows either erect or as a spreading [...]

Extreme Sports – Go Karting

Ok, so this may not be quite as extreme as jumping from airplanes a kilometre up in the sky but it’s still a great one for adrenaline junkies! For many people go kart racing conjures up fond memories of racing friends and family down the closest neighbourhood hill in a home made contraption that may, [...]