Summer’s here – the weather is warmer, the days are longer and the outdoors are far more appealing than they were a few months ago! It is the time to find good bbq recipes.

One of the best things about the warm weather is the chance to BBQ. There’s something unique about flame-grilled food eaten outdoors. You just can’t beat the simplicity of good food cooked directly over fire and eaten in the sunshine. Maybe it’s a throwback to the caveman in all of us, but a good BBQ is a thing of beauty!

In this article we are going to highlight recipes that will take your BBQ to a whole new level. Forget sausages that are burnt to a crisp on the outside but raw in the middle – we’re taking this thing in another direction.

BBQ recipes

These recipes we’ve featured here are ideal for those warm summer evenings when you have the time to put together a fantastic BBQ. We’re going above and beyond here – not a frozen food product in sight. Try these recipes and if you don’t love them, question your taste buds and cooking ability!

BBQ Meat Ideas

Jerk Chicken

This Jamaican favourite is simple to prepare and takes the humble chicken from a questionable BBQ choice to a king of the grill! With a flavourful mix of heat, interesting herbs and spices and citrus notes, it’s more than just a spicy chicken recipe. The other great thing about this jerk seasoning is that it works with other meats too, not just chicken!

Why not give it a go on lamb, beef or pork too?

BBQ’ing a Steak

Who doesn’t love a good steak?

One of the things that puts people off cooking steak on the BBQ is that they think they need to make it complicated with seasonings and fancy cooking methods. The reality is a million miles away. Follow these simple steps….

  1. Buy a good steak.
  2. Season it with salt.
  3. Let the flame do the rest!

It’s that simple! The key thing is to buy quality steak and make sure it’s thick – it has to be able to cope with the fire from the BBQ. If you buy thin steaks they’ll cook far too quickly and you’ll be left with grey, rubbery meat and nobody wants that!

Shrimp/Prawns Kebabs: Upgraded!

Want to hear a BBQ cliche? Australians love a shrimp on the barbie!

With that in mind, why not do them better than anyone else? Take the humble prawn and make it into something unlike your guests would have ever had before! With a few little tweaks, you can turn the prawn kebab into a work of art. Check out this video below and learn how…

BBQ Vegetables You’ll Love!

Tandoori Vegetables

The amazing flavours imparted into food via Indian recipes make bland ingredients taste fantastic! Vegetables are absolutely no different. You can take ingredients that are overlooked and make them into something really special. This video by the Bombay Chef shows you how.

Although they are oven-cooked in this video, you can do them on your BBQ and get the same effect!

BBQ’ing Potatoes

Why should you have to partner everything with bread? A BBQ is a great way to cook potatoes and the video below gives you a few options. As with anything, the seasonings can adjust the flavours here dramatically, so why not experiment a little? The jerk seasoning or tandoori seasonings in the other videos could work well here!

You’ll impress your guests who didn’t know you could bake potatoes on a BBQ!

Anti-Sausage BBQ Recipes

Too many people get their BBQ so wrong – they don’t control temperature, they don’t build a fire properly and they aren’t patient enough to wait for the coals to reach temperature before they cook. It’s for these reasons that the BBQ can have a slightly dodgy reputation.

Ask a lot of people what they think of when they picture a BBQ and it’s likely to be questionable quality sausages and burgers, burnt on the outside but raw in the middle, stuffed into dodgy bread rolls and drowned in ketchup to hide the taste of charcoal.

It needn’t be like that though. A BBQ isn’t tough to master as long as you follow a few simple rules, but you have to be patient, pay attention to the food you are cooking and take enough time to get it right. Do those things and your BBQ’s will gain the reputation they deserve!

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