The Full Fat Dairy Paradox And Debunking A Few Myths

Full fat dairy

For many years (since the 1940’s in fact) fat has received a bad rap. It’s been linked with an increased risk of heart disease and strokes, with raising blood levels of harmful low-density lipoproteins and so on. However, modern research is increasingly finding that healthy fats, like those found in dairy products, are really not […]

The Science In Herbal Remedies, Or Is There Any?

Advertising for them abounds. On the Internet, in health magazines, and anywhere else advertising is allowed. But do they actually work? Many will tell you they don’t, and they’re just a bunch of quackery. Others swear by them, and refuse to believe there could be any element of truth in the ‘quackery’ theories! What are [...]

Why Should We Eat Vegetables?

eat vegetables

We’re all told as children that we should eat our vegetables, but why exactly should we? What are the reasons – we know they’re ‘good for us’, but what exactly does that mean? In this article we’re going to look in more detail at what that means and how why vegetables should feature more prominently […]