Seasonal Eating Made Simple – What, Why and How….

If you’re interested in food, you may be familiar with the term ‘in season’. When a food is in season it basically means it’s at its best to eat. In this article, we focused on seasonal eating. To a large extent, seasonality of food is less relevant than ever now, because with a global food […]


A cup of green tea as a pre workout supplement before training is a great way to shed those pounds. Green tea has earned a place as one of the healthiest beverages to include in your diet. It is a taste that you have to get used to, but many companies now blend Green Tea [...]

What you need to know about protein

build your armsIf you delve in to the world of men’s health, men’s fitness and such like then it won’t be long before you begin to see a pattern emerging. Articles and posts highlighting that if you want a good physique and to build muscle you have to be consuming endless amounts of protein to go along [...]

The Paleo Diet – What, Why and How

maintaining testosterone, The Paleo Diet, avoid winter colds

Every few years there is the latest diet that hits the news – the Slim Fast Plan, the Atkins diet, vegetarian diets, the Mediterranean diet to name but a few. One of the more recent diets to gain popularity is the Paleo diet. In this article we’ll look at the Paleo diet – what it […]

Vegetarian Fuel

seasonal eatingA growing number of athletes at all levels of sport are now vegetarian and therefore rely on a diet consisting mainly of plant sources. Due to the effort and commitment and nutrition requirements required for training athletes often encounter difficulty in selecting appropriate and nutritious meals from these plant sources if they do not want [...]

What you need to know about Carbohydrates

There are a lot of opinions on the amount of carbohydrates we should be eating and how helpful they are to maintain a healthy diet. You might have also heard the term ‘good carbs and bad carbs’ so what does this actually mean and how should you be incorporating them in to your diet. Whether [...]