Lower Body Exercises You Can Do Outdoors

We have all been to that one gym where you are waiting ages to use equipment (usually a bench) and then having to settle completing your workout not doing the exercises you planned on doing, or have you stepped in to a non-air conditioned gym on a hot day and just wanted to leave straight [...]

Simple 5×5 training guide

Introduction For individuals who have never trained using weights before the prospect of starting can be quite intimidating. Not knowing what exercises to do for what muscle group or not knowing how long to train and how often are common reasons why people will never even start. This guide provides gym exercises for beginners and […]

How to Effectively Use Complexes in Your Training

how to effectively use complexes in your trainingHow to Effectively Use Complexes in Your Training Upon reading the title of this article, your first question may be... "what are complexes? I've never even heard of them!" You wouldn't be alone - most people haven't heard of them! They're like a version of a superset, where you pair exercises together without a rest. [...]

How To Get Your Fitness Regime Off to a Flying Start

maintaining testosterone, one kit workout barbell, online fitness training, why all men should train their legsIf you’ve just decided to get in shape, there’ll be a million different options in front of you, each with their own benefits. You may even be filled with a level of excitement about transforming your health and physique, chomping at the bit to get started. That’s brilliant – at this point enthusiasm is more [...]

One Kit Workout For a Busy Gym – Dumbbells

gym equipment, dumbbells

In January the gym goes absolutely crazy, filling with eager new members who are trying to lose weight, see off the Christmas excess and stick to their new years resolutions. If you don’t know what you’re doing in there it can be a nightmare – you’re waiting for kit, struggling to find space and sometimes […]

How Much Should We Be Walking?

walkingWe've all heard that we should be walking at least 10,000 steps per day, but how and why is this figure agreed upon? Is it an arbitrary figure based on assumption, or is there actual science backing up the claim? Furthermore, what are the benefits of walking? Why should we be doing it? Read on [...]

Intensity vs Frequency – How Should We Train?

online fitness trainingThere's a lot of debate amongst the personal training community about whether or not we should train less frequently but at a high intensity, or more frequently at a lower intensity. To answer this question accurately, we've got a lot of things to consider because as with many things in health and fitness, there are [...]

One Kit Workout – Barbell

maintaining testosterone, one kit workout barbell, online fitness training, why all men should train their legs

A busy gym can be a nightmare to train in. When all of the equipment is taken up, some serious creative thinking and planning has to be used if you’re going to get a great workout in. It’s not to say it can’t be done, you just need to think differently about how you train […]

Why Deadlifting Is Important to All Lifters

deadlifting, maintaining testosteroneThe deadlift is an exercise that is often associated with the bigger, stronger guys in the gym. It's also an exercise that a lot of men view with a level of intimidation - usually because it looks heavy, deadlifting is 'complicated' (relative to a machine anyway) and if done incorrectly, can be a serious back [...]

How to do Cardio More Efficiently

high intensity interval trainingChances are when you think of cardio, you picture running, rowing, swimming, cycling etc. You may think of the hours spent on a treadmill or a machine, plodding away trying to improve your stamina. There's not a great deal drastically wrong with this approach, but there is a way about how to do cardio more [...]

How Many Steps A Day Should You Walk?

The famous 10,000 steps a day theory arose out of research done by Japanese researcher Dr. Yoshiro Hatano in the 1960’s.   We guess he was frequently asked how many step a day should you walk to maintain a good exercise routine. He noticed that the average Japanese person walked between 3,500 and 5,000 steps a [...]

Building Strong Shoulders – How To Do It Properly

building strong shouldersA strong and muscular torso is only complete with a set of powerful shoulders - without great shoulders, a torso looks narrower and doesn't fill out clothes as well. It leaves the top of the body imbalanced and lacks the impressive physical appeal that you can actually overcome with building strong shoulders. There are great [...]

Build Your Arms The Fast Way

build your arms

Most men want bigger arms. The problem is, most men just don’t train for bigger arms the correct way. It sounds simple enough – do a lot of arm exercise. How hard can it be? But there’s the problem – it’s not quite as simple as performing hundreds of bicep curls. There’s far more to […]

Why ALL Men Should Train Their Legs

maintaining testosterone, one kit workout barbell, online fitness training, why all men should train their legs

If you’ve ever said the words “I don’t train my legs because I run/cycle/play football” then you’re missing out on some serious strength, physique and athletic benefits. All men should train their legs – as the largest muscle group in the body, there are a lot of secondary benefits to leg training that many people […]

Can You Play Golf In Turkey?

Fancy a round of golf whilst you’re visiting us in Istanbul for your hair transplant? You may not realise it but we have a number of world-class courses to play golf in Turkey. It’s tempting to believe that golf is a fairly modern innovation in Turkey and when it comes to resorts and world-class courses […]

The Difference Between Activity, Exercise and Training

hobbies with unexpected benefits

We all know we should move our bodies. We know this instinctively – how often have you felt stiff after sitting in a certain position too long, only for that stiffness to disappear within a few moments of moving? Movement is the main form of medicine our bodies require. Here we revealed the difference between […]

High Intensity Interval Training – Fast Fitness

high intensity interval training

We are more time pressured than ever before. With longer working hours, less leisure time and additional demands on the little time we do have available, we have to make our training time as efficient as possible. With that being said, is there room for a type of workout that can be done in a […]

Muscle Building 101 – Guide to Building Muscle

Closeup of a handsome power athletic guy male bodybuilder doing exercises with dumbbell. Fitness muscular body on dark background. muscle building

Building muscle is the main aim of most men in the gym, but so many get it wrong. They focus on the wrong exercises, the wrong muscle groups and don’t eat the right foods. In this muscle building 101 I’m going to run you through the fundamentals of muscle building so you don’t waste your […]

Time Efficient Fat Burn Exercises

Time Efficient Fat Burn Exercises Time is precious, so having to spend hours a week in the gym is not a luxury many of us have and for some of us it isn’t even a luxury at all…it’s a chore. If we all had the option to get our exercise done as quickly as possible [...]