Is it Safe to Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey Turkey especially Istanbul is the number 1 destination for the hair transplant surgery.Every year tens of thousands of men travel to Turkey to get their looks back.  Unfortunately, some still feel uncomfortable to travel Turkey due to security concerns. Although there had been some security […]

Why We Should Be Eating More Walnuts

With a kernel reminiscent of a brain, and a nutritional profile that makes it a valuable addition to any diet, the walnut is one of those snacks that no household should be without. And if you’ve ever wondered why they’re so expensive, it’s because they’re often hand shelled. Further to this, if you’ve ever cracked […]

The Turkish Organic Industry

A healthy diet invariably leads to healthier hair so we take a keen interest in anything that encourages people to eat healthy and live healthy. Eating organic food and using organic hair products are two available options in the Turkish organic industry. Indeed, if you’ve eaten organic apricots, figs, hazelnuts, pistachios, sultanas and some types [...]

A Gem By Any Other Name – Turkish Gem Quality Diaspore

It’s unique, it’s spectacular and it’s only found in Turkey. Unless you’re pretty clued up on the world of gemstones, are a geologist, or involved in mining bauxite you’ve likely never heard of diaspore. Diaspore goes by several other names. Namely diasporite, empholite, kayserite, or tanatarite. It’s a basic aluminium oxide and one of the […]

Traditional Turkish Sports – The Jereed Game

the jereed game Looking for some fast paced equine entertainment whilst visiting our beautiful city for your hair loss treatment?  Or perhaps you’re just visiting Turkey as a holiday venture. Either way, a game played on horseback called Cirit, or the Jereed game, could be just the thing. Like many things in Turkey, the Jereed [...]

Hair, Glorious Hair – Even Turkish Cats Have Beautiful Hair!

At GetHair we love hair. Short hair, long hair, medium long hair – all types of hair. Now if that sounds like something out of a catalogue of cat breeds, you’d be right! Here in Turkey we have a special feline that has beautiful hair in abundance. Silky soft, almost iridescent hair that developed to […]

Turkey – A Country Steeped In Traditional Healing And Medicine

The technology that brings you your hair transplant may be new but Turkish folk medicine is as old as civilisation itself. Most ancient cultures have a history of traditional medicine that goes back to the beginnings of that society.   Chinese traditional medicine is probably the one we think of the most whenever we think […]

Can You Play Golf In Turkey?

Fancy a round of golf whilst you’re visiting us in Istanbul for your hair transplant? You may not realise it but we have a number of world-class courses to play golf in Turkey. It’s tempting to believe that golf is a fairly modern innovation in Turkey and when it comes to resorts and world-class courses […]

Turkish Tea and It’s History

According to Google, this saying had its origins in Australia in the late 19th/early 20th century and implies that one won’t do something regardless of the incentives offered. As in – I wouldn’t sell my car, not for all the tea in China. It stems from the fact that China was, and still is, a […]

1000’s of British Men Travel to Turkey for Hair Transplants – Find out Why

Hair tranplant turkey

Here’s Why Turkey is the Go-To Venue For Hair Transplant Surgery Since the dawn of time until recently, men have been victim to male pattern baldness – a genetic condition without any known preventative measure. Where the effects physically are insignificant, mentally they can be crushing. Their Mecca is Turkey for hair transplants. For a […]

Turkish Coffee – So Much More Than Just A Caffeinated Drink

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. Unless it’s the smell of freshly brewed UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Listed Turkish coffee first thing in the morning! Yes, Turkish coffee is so important culturally that it has made one of UNESCO’s heritage lists. Coffee, or to use its […]

Olu Deniz – Turkey’s Piece of Paradise

Olu Deniz – From the UK to Paradise in 4 Hours Turkey is blessed with everything the British tourist would want – beautiful weather, fantastic food, interesting history, incredible beaches and thanks to the exchange rate, it’s really affordable. Your money goes a long way in Turkey, making it one of the best value destinations […]

The Legends Of Anzac Cove

It’s early morning on a brisk April day in the middle of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Or depending on where you are, it could be the middle of spring. The sun is yet to make its appearance over the horizon and a cool mist cloaks the landscape. Then, slowly, candles begin to flicker into […]

An Eye Level View Of Cappadocia From The Back Of A Horse

If you’re a horse lover and enjoy nothing more than hopping on a good horse and heading off into the wide blue yonder or a striking sunset, there are plenty of things to do and see in Turkey from the back of a horse. One of the regions noted not only for its beautiful horses […]

Interesting Things To Do In Istanbul


Spanning two continents, it’s no wonder that Istanbul is such a vibrant, inclusive city. Once home to the Greeks, the Byzantines and then the Ottomans, the city has a rich history and this has permeated the arts and culture of the city. Split across Europe and Asia, both geographically and culturally, there is a huge […]

Romantic things to do in Turkey


Like Antony and Cleopatra before them, many couples have discovered the joys and splendour of Turkey. No matter what piques your interest, couples with many varied interests can enjoy what Turkey has to offer. From the unspoiled beaches, to Greek ruins, to adventure sports, Turkey has it all. Here we’ve collected a selection of our […]

An introduction to Turkish breakfasts

When travelling, your first morning in a new place can be a tricky one. The trifecta of groggy, disoriented and hungry makes it all too tempting to eat the first thing you can grab. It doesn't have to be this way, though. When you are in Turkey, you cannot go wrong with a Turkish breakfast. [...]

The most beautiful beaches in Turkey

[mk_page_title_box page_title="Konyaaltı Beach" bg_image="" bg_position="center center" font_color="#ffffff"] When you travel to a country like Turkey; beautiful warm sunshine, and surrounded by the sea to the North, South and the West then you are bound to find plenty of beaches. And with coastlines along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas you will certainly not be disappointed, whether [...]