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When you travel to a country like Turkey; beautiful warm sunshine, and surrounded by the sea to the North, South and the West then you are bound to find plenty of beaches. And with coastlines along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas you will certainly not be disappointed, whether you’re visiting for hair transplant or just for a holiday. There are plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from, and here are, in our opinion, some of the most breath taking.

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With around 18km of beach, and situated on Turkeys Mediterranean coast in the Antalya region the Patara boasts a stunning long sandy beach that is known for being peaceful. With soft sand and cool shallow waters the beach is a favourite not only with locals but also with Loggerhead (Caretta Caretta) sea turtles who lay their eggs here. Surrounded by natural beauty the area itself is also well worth the visit; the ruins of Patara are situated just inland of the beach.

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This idyllic beach, situated between Kalkan and Kas, reached by a long flight of steps down from the road remains relatively untouched; there are no facilities so visitors planning to stay a while should come prepared. Having said that, because of the access issues this beach has a completely different feel to those on more accessible parts of the coastline. The soft golden sands and calm azure waters making it well worth the visit, and of course the climb.

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Hidden away on the Datca peninsula, Ovabükü forms part of a chain of three bays and is considered to be the prettiest. Surrounded by green peaks and pine forests with a mixture of Oak and Carob trees thrown in for good measure the beach is a relatively short stretch of glorious golden sand and bleached shingle. This beach is so much more than just its sandy expanse; the surroundings make it a peaceful heavenly escape.

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Located about one hours drive from Antalya, in South-west Turkey, Çıralı is a beautiful natural beach far away from the more heavily tourist populated areas. The beach itself is just 2 miles long, a peaceful haven nestled just in front of the laid-back resort of Çıralı itself and flanked by two huge mountains, with a mixture of pebbles and coarse sand underfoot. This peaceful beach is popular with families and nature lovers as it is here that the endangered Loggerhead Turtle chooses to swim ashore each summer to lay its eggs.

Whatever reason you have to visit Turkey, why not try and get to one, or more of these stunning beaches. Don’t forget to take your camera though, as you’ll want to capture their beauty to take home with you as an extra special souvenir.

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