Walk into the gym you’ll see a plethora of equipment. The the beginner, it can be mind-boggling, with machines for different body parts, weight plates, cables, all kinds of cardio equipment and different types of barbells. What do they all do? What are they for?! Understanding gym equipment would lead better and healthier workouts.

The good news it that the vast majority of gym kit, you’ll probably never need to use.

Most gyms buy huge amounts of kit so it looks impressive to members, but in reality you only need a handful of pieces of equipment. For decades Olympic gold medals have been won with only barbells and dumbbells for training with.

Bodybuilders in stage shape get there with barbells and dumbbells. The success of your workout depends on the quality of your training programme and its execution – not on the amount of kit you use!

You don’t need to know how to use every piece of gym equipment. Focus on what you need, discard what you don’t.

At the time of writing, I’ve worked as a personal trainer for 14 years. I’ve written a fitness website for 6. I’ve helped hundreds (thousands if you include my readers) of people get into great shape using a handful of bits of kit.

Here’s the gym equipment most of you will need to focus on…


gym equipment


understanding gym equipment

Understanding Gym Equipment: Weight Plates

 Weight plates come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Generally, they can be separated into three groups…

understanding gym equipment

Understanding Gym Equipment: Cardio

Cardio kit is widely varied but I usually stick to 3 for my clients…

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Gym Equipment Basics

Hopefully thanks to this article you now have some idea about understanding gym equipment and the fundamental aspects to each piece. You’ll know the difference between types of plates, dumbbells, barbells etc.

Once you understand the different types of gym equipment and their uses, you’ll never be fazed in the gym again. Much of the gym kit you see in commercial facilities is unnecessary and all of the kit you need for an amazing workout is listed above.

The fundamentals of fitness are quality movements, executed well and executed frequently. You don’t need a lot of gym equipment for that, just the right kind!

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