Hair Transplant in Istanbul

Reasons to have a hair transplant in Istanbul

Nine out of ten balding men cite hair loss as their number one concern. If your hair loss is starting to make you nervous, rest assured. You once again have the opportunity to enjoy a full head of permanent hair, at an incredibly low price.

In fact, Turkey is the leading country in the world for hair transplants. According to an article on the Independent newspaper, Turkey has a 1 Billion Dollar hair transplant industry and WashingtonPost claims around 5000 patients fly to Turkey each month for hair transplant. Find out what makes Istanbul hair transplants in Turkey such a popular destination for hair transplant surgery and discover the full head of hair you’ve been dreaming of. For the best hair transplants Istanbul can offer, look no further.

Quality and Expertise

FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is a hair transplant technique that has been used in Istanbul, Turkey for a long time. In fact, Turkish doctors began exploring and training on FUE long before their counterparts in the EU and US. This gives them an edge of experience that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Our doctor, Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoglu, has been studying hair transplant techniques since 1996.

We are confident in the quality of our product because we have the experience, knowledge, proven ability, and team to back up our promises. With Dr. Tayfun’s 20 years of experience and a solid team of long term professional nurses, you can rely on GetHair for a quality Istanbul hair transplant.

It Is Economical

If you’ve been thinking about a hair transplant for a while, you’ve probably seen the numbers. In UK or in the United States, hair transplant surgery can cost upwards of £15000. The cost of the transplant will vary based on how much hair is going to be transplanted, and an average cost for the procedure is£4000 to £15000. The average hair transplant in Istanbul, on the other hand, costs an average of £1800 to£3200.

Hair Transplant Prices Compared UK vs US vs Turkey

  • UK
  • USA in GBP
  • Turkey

What is included in our price?

Operation by Dr. Tayfun

Only Dr. Tayfun and his supporting team of FUE specialists would attend the surgery.


2 night stay in a 4* hotel including breakfasts.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfers from and to Istanbul airports as well as transportation from the hotel to our clinic.


All post-operation medication, shampoo and lotions.

Highly Qualified Doctor

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu has been performing hair transplants in Istanbul Turkey since 1996. He is a member of both the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Dr. Tayfun also regularly participates in international conferences both as a speaker and as a guest, in addition to providing advanced training sessions in hair restoration to doctors the world over.

State of the Art Hospital

Although Istanbul is well-known for hair transplant surgeons and operations, there are unfortunately some companies that maintain fancy websites while operating illegally out of apartment buildings.

Our facility is state of the art and we operate in a JCI certified, fully equipped hospital in Istanbul.


Accommodations are provided for the Asia Princess hotel, a four star hotel only five minutes away from the hospital. Staying so close to the hospital has the advantage of keeping you out of the congested traffic of Istanbul. Additionally, if patients need emergency services, they are only minutes away.

Asia Princess is a modern hotel that offers its guests free wifi and 24 hour room service, among other amenities. There is a restaurant and lounge on site, although located in the heart of Istanbul means that there are many surrounding restaurants and sites to see as well.

A Magical & Modern City, Istanbul

Istanbul is home to a thriving and vibrant culture. During your stay in Istanbul, you can find world-class restaurant experiences, a rocking night life, art, history, and much more, all located fairly close to your hotel. Historic sites in the area to visit are the Küçüksu Palace and the Rumelian Castle.

For many of our clients, travelling for hair transplants in Turkey is the first visit to this cultural center of the world they have the opportunity to experience. Although we understand that your procedure is the most important part of your travel, we also offer a range of packages that can offer you more time to see our extraordinary country and experience Turkish culture

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