A man left other people in shock after showing the result of a hair transplant after 19 months. The comments left on the social media site Reddit included how natural the transplant looked and how it was “absolutely fantastic”. There are many providers of the best hair transplant in Turkey, the UK, and other countries that offer high-quality treatments. In particular, hair transplants in Turkey are popular as an effective and affordable way to improve one’s crown.

Receding hairlines are a common problem for many men around the world. This is also a common problem for ageing women, which is why more and more people are turning to hair transplants so that they can feel more confident in their appearance. Getting the procedure done by professionals will ensure great results.

This is the story of one man who shared the results after a 19-months process. He posted before-and-after photos which highlighted his now impressive-looking hairline. Moreover, it was evident that he was more confident than ever.

The first photo was a shot of him being prepped by the surgeon, with a dotted line drawn on his head marking where the injections would begin. The receding hairline was also seen in that picture.

In the second photo, the man had an entirely new appeal. He looked like a different person and was full of self-confidence.

The man said that he was incredibly happy with the results. He added that he would have preferred to have more hair in the front, but with the current results, he could not be more satisfied. He said that he might have another procedure in the future.

The man’s new barber was also surprised about the results and said that it looked completely natural.

Hair Loss According to the NHS

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Hair loss can be caused by a variety of things. It is natural for a person to lose 50 to 100 strands every day without knowing that it is happening.

While this phenomenon is usually harmless and even temporary, occasionally, it can be linked to an ongoing medical condition. Some of the causes include illness, severe stress, cancer treatments, weight loss, or even iron deficiency.

If a person suddenly suffers hair loss and develops bald patches because they are losing hair in clumps, they must see a GP immediately. The GP will provide their findings, as well as options for treatments.

Treatments for hair loss depend on the situation and its cause. Most of the time, hair loss can be caused by a temporary medical condition and is usually reversed when the person has fully recovered. Hair loss can also be caused by old age.

If the person is feeling distressed and uncomfortable with their situation, they are welcome to seek various treatments.

For male pattern baldness, finasteride and minoxidil are the most common solutions. Women can also use minoxidil, but not finasteride, as this is formulated specifically for men.

When taking these treatments, one must remember that they do not work for everyone, so they should manage their expectations. These medications only work as long as they are used correctly. As treatments are not available in the NHS, they can become quite expensive.

Wigs are also considered treatments. Synthetic wigs are more cost-effective, but as they are made from synthetic materials, they can be itchy, and some people may develop an allergic reaction to them. With proper care and maintenance, these types of wigs last for six to nine months.

There are also options for real hair wigs. These look better than most synthetic wigs and last for about three to four years. Maintenance on these is more complicated, and they can cost quite a bit more than the synthetic alternatives.

Other alternative treatments also include hair transplants, and the best-known hair transplants are in Turkey. There are also steroid injections that stimulate the growth of hair, especially on bald patches. If a person does not want injections, they can be prescribed steroid creams. Another type of treatment, immunotherapy, works with the same principle as steroid creams – chemicals are applied to the bald patches or any area where there is evident baldness.

Scalp reduction is also a treatment for hair loss. This is done by stretching and stitching scalp together with hair. Another treatment is getting an artificial hair transplant, which is using artificial hair to replace lost hair.

Some of the treatments are available on the NHS and can be acquired by those who qualify for financial assistance.

More than the treatment, the NHS stresses the need for emotional help and support for      people suffering hair loss. They said that it was upsetting because most people view their hair as an important part of who they are.

A GP may be able to help a patient if they are feeling distressed. Some service providers for hair treatments may also have programmes that will help patients that will deal with what they are feeling.

Support groups are also available. Speaking to one another in the same situation has also proven to help and benefit patients and people suffering hair loss.

There are also emotional treatments for those who are losing hair because of cancer treatments.

Get the Best Hair Transplant Service

Anyone who is experiencing hair loss may be subject to emotional difficulties because a large part of their appearance is affected. But they do not have to suffer from the negative effects. There are ways to manage the problem and address it completely, and a good hair transplant procedure is by far the best option.

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