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4.88 / 5 Rating
372 Reviews
WARNING!!, if considering Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu, read this first and save your live. On 17 Julie 2018 I did hair transplant by Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu but in first step after the surgery I thought it is just Dr. Ahmed taxi driver who play a doctor and don't give any fuck about u and the consequences.. it is all about the money nothing more... and sure in every clinic it goes about money but at least some of them gives about u. Anyway I'll upload some fotos later but hell it is very bad result and big ugly scars, they told me it is about 7000 hair follicles and I ask Dr Tayfun to make natural hairline but it is very unnatural.. it takes about 3,5 hours from the shaving till finished 3000 grafts from donor area and my beard.. it very shamed to him and his staff to lie about so many things! Nasimi Khalikzada is the lie fuckers, he lie about everything like special liquid from America 2000$ a liter! (Take grafts in live) I swear I saw just Turkish text on it but it was al ready late to say any thing the extraction was already began. Well hopping for some result, I think the max the did was 1000 grafts for 1800 euro and I told them it is not about the money if this bothers u I will pay 2000 euro but plus work with your hart... wel dr Tayfun Oguzoglu and Nasimi Khalikzada destroy my live... thanks alot
Had an Fue with Dr Ilker Apaydin although he is a nice guy the experience Was shocking he rents a room in the hospital which didn’t seem that clean but I thought I would wait to see the doctor the technician shaved the sides of my head then was asked for payment all this before I’d even seen the doctor! I was then given Valium a relaxing drug! again all before seeing the doctor by the time he had arrived I was very relaxed he rushed through the consultation! Was under the impression he did the procedure himself as I was lead to believe via my initial inquiries! Not the case he starts the extraction phase then his technician takes over my donor area is heavily scarred and certain patches are see through my hair! Took more grafts than nescessary! Avoid this doctor it will save you a lot of heartache in the long run! Type into google Dr. Ilker Apaydin low density and you will see the real reviews and the bad experiences people have had like I did! You’ve been warned
I found GetHair very easy to deal with and very professional. I leiased with Stuart for my transplant and any questions or querys I had regards all aspects of the transplant/travel he answered swift and informative. Highly recommended.