Your Hair And Your Health

We’ve looked at how your nails can give you some clues about your health in a previous article and not surprisingly your hair does too! Your hair and your health are, after all, produced in a similar fashion. Hair loss, dull lacklustre hair, dry brittle or thinning hair, dandruff and even grey hair can all [...]

Make Working From Home Work For You

working from homeFrom an employee wellbeing point of view, there are advantages to allowing staff working from home... The lack of commute reduces worker stress. Traffic/public transport disruption can cause lateness. Working from home reduces employee fatigue. The working day can be made longer, but reducing stress at the same time. Workers are typically more productive as [...]

Traditional Turkish Sports – The Jereed Game

the jereed game Looking for some fast paced equine entertainment whilst visiting our beautiful city for your hair loss treatment?  Or perhaps you’re just visiting Turkey as a holiday venture. Either way, a game played on horseback called Cirit, or the Jereed game, could be just the thing. Like many things in Turkey, the Jereed [...]

Amazing Apples For Hair Regrowth

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. apples for hair regrowth According to Wikipedia, this is a shortened version of a Welsh proverb from the 1860’s. They may have not discovered the benefits of apples for hair regrowth by then but the original version was; "Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll [...]

Your Hair And What It Can Do For Your Career

In another article we've talked about how your appearance can influence your career with a focus on the way we dress.   We also mentioned the top of your head and for good reason! Like your clothes, your hair can also contribute, or not, to your career success.   Quite apart from the obvious aspect [...]

The Most Neglected Part of Training – Recovery

recoveryWhen it comes to training, there is assumption that the more you can do, the better. In theory it makes sense, but when you break down the training process, the importance of recovery quickly becomes very clear. Unfortunately, the most neglected part of training is recovery. Training is a catabolic process, which means it causes [...]

Tell Me About Your Job – Tony Barnes, The Gym Owner

In the latest instalment of our on going ‘tell me about your job’ feature, I met with Tony Barnes, the owner of Graft Haus gym in Leeds. Tony, along with his partner Charlene, took the project from idea to fruition. I popped along to see the facility first-hand and chat with Tony about the journey [...]

What Are Your Nails Telling You About Your Health?

Your next trip to your manicurist could reveal some interesting things about your overall health! This is because nail abnormalities can be a side affect of other health issues you have going on. Here are some of the more ‘common’ nail problems and the possible health disorders they could be an indicator of. However, it’s […]

Hair, Glorious Hair – Even Turkish Cats Have Beautiful Hair!

At GetHair we love hair. Short hair, long hair, medium long hair – all types of hair. Now if that sounds like something out of a catalogue of cat breeds, you’d be right! Here in Turkey we have a special feline that has beautiful hair in abundance. Silky soft, almost iridescent hair that developed to […]

Simple Healthy Snack Ideas

healthy snack ideas

Healthy eating is made so much more difficult when there is a lack of healthy snack options, making finding something to fill in between meals that won’t contribute too many calories to your overall daily intake. Snacking can be a great way to increase vitamin and mineral intake throughout the day if you get it […]

Build Your Arms The Fast Way

build your arms

Most men want bigger arms. The problem is, most men just don’t train for bigger arms the correct way. It sounds simple enough – do a lot of arm exercise. How hard can it be? But there’s the problem – it’s not quite as simple as performing hundreds of bicep curls. There’s far more to […]

How Is The Successful Looking Guy Dressing For Success These Days?

Whilst having healthy well-groomed hair will definitely help, there is a lot more to the concept of dressing for success than meets the eye. It may involve something as drastic as completely changing your physical appearance!   Or it may involve just a few minor tweaks to your wardrobe. Here is a guide to successful […]