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Female Hair Transplant in Turkey explained


Female Hair Thinning

What makes a woman good candidate for hair transplant?

As hair transplant procedures have become very popular across men, many women are now also considering the same operation for an improved outlook.

But just like not every men being suitable for a hair transplant procedure, women are no different. 

For instance, a typical diffuse female patterned hair loss does not qualify for a hair transplant unfortunately. And a dermatological opinion needs to be taken to fully understand the cause of the hair loss in women. 

But, on the other hand, women, with hair loss history and reasons as below make an ideal candidate for hair restoration;

  1. Elevated Hairline.
  2. Traction Alopecia.
  3. Male Pattern Hair Loss (Female version)
  4. Scarring Alopecia
A hair transplant procedure can significantly improve the appearance if a female is suffering from one of the above hair loss causes.


female hair loss
female before after

What are the next steps for more information?

At GetHair, every hair transplant enquiry requires a thorough information gathering. Our senior hair surgeons then prepare personalized consultation reports for free and explain what can be done in detail. 

Please provide us with as much information as possible about your hair loss.

How does a Female Hair Transplant procedure work?

Women have two hair restoration options to choose from; FUE method or FUT method. The FUT method is mostly chosen as we do not need to shave any hairs, which can help women in the decision process. Here is how each step works;


Depending on the method chosen, hairs from the donor region can be extracted individually or a strip can also be taken.


Regardless of the method of choice, incisions are done in the same way on the recipient region across both methods.


Insertion of extracted donor hairs to the recipient area, one by one, manually. The process is the same for both techniques.

“ Hair restoration has become popular across women mostly because we do not have to shave any hair and therefore the recovery period is not a concern anymore. "

female hair transplant

Who should consider a female hair transplant?

As briefly discussed above, women with diffuse female hair loss are unfortunately not ideal candidates for this procedure. The overall (diffuse) thinning include the sides and the back of the head, what we call the donor region. When this is the case, it simply means the hairs over these regions are not resistant to the DHT hormone either. Women with hair loss may require a face-to-face consultation to understand the reasons of hair loss.

Respectively, a potentially minituarizing donor region hair is no help as the implanted hairs can fall out in the future again due to this hair loss type.

But, not every women suffers from generalized miniaturization. Some women naturally have a larger forehead and want to lower the hairline or frame it. Some women, on the other hand, have receding hairline in women. In such circumstances, they are ideal candidates for a hair transplant in Turkey. 

Traction Alopecia cases, where the cause of hair loss is due to pulling of the hair when styling with dreads or tight ponytails. Women suffering from this type of hair loss is also suitable for the procedure.

The growth yield is very high in women as their testosterone hormone levels are much lower than man, which is a major cause of hair loss in men.

For many male to female (MTF) transgender individuals, the original male hairline can be redesigned and a feminine hairline can be achieved. As transgender patients are mostly under DHT hormone blockers, the hair growth yield is very high.

The cost of a female hair transplant

Traditionally, hair transplant costs were extremely high and this was the major reason for many people to put this procedure on hold.

But due to the globally increased demand, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey has gone down considerably. 

Regardless of the operation method, a female hair restoration surgery cost now starts from only £2,149 and this cost includes accommodation and the airport transfers upon arrival.

Considering the high successful rate, many women see this as a great investment, mostly because the results being permanent and almost no maintenance is required once the hair starts to fully grow.

We offer free consultations and reports across three countries, US, UK and Turkey. You can send the pictures of your hair from today and receive your detailed report from senior hair surgeons in one business day.

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female hair thinning

How long does a female hair transplant last?

Women have several advantages over men in hair transplants. Women have a larger donor region, which allows hair surgeons to extract hairs more homogeneously without being limited with a small area. Which obviously helps preserving the donor density. 

For men, usually a full shave is required prior to the procedure. But for women, with the FUT method, no hairs need to be cut short, which brings a great advantage as the donor region extraction can be easily concealed immediately after the procedure. If you are a woman losing hair, we can help.

A Quick Recap Of The Aftercare

2-4 Days of Swelling

Just like a hair transplant procedure, you may observe swelling during the first 4 days.

5 Days of Antibiotics

We provide a 5-day course of special antibiotics to prevent potential folliculitis.

10 Days no cap wearing

In order to eliminate any damage made by a contact of the cap to implanted hairs, patients should pay extra attention on wearing a cap.

12 Months to Full Growth

The full recovery period is 12 months. Due to having many muscles around, it actually can take less time.

The Well-Known Female Hair Transplant Doctors In Turkey

The number of real hair surgeons actively performing female hair transplant procedures are limited. As the demand from males are much higher, many hair surgeons around the world are solely specialized on male hair transplants in Turkey and a very limited number of senior hair doctors know how to perform a female hair surgery. We have gathered the most known names of the industry with their price indications.

Would you like to receive a detailed report from one of these surgeons?

The information is free. We do not have pushy sales techniques or upsells.

Let’s talk and explore your options to get a female hair transplantation in Turkey. Our expertise is at your disposal and absolutely non-binding.

Our highly-knowledgeable patient consultants can guide you through the process at a time you are available.