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Hair Transplant in London

Hair Transplant London, Should You Have one?

Following all the celebrity hair transplants you have come across with, you probably consider a hair transplant London by now and see this as your best option available. Maybe you think that only in Harley Street can you get a hair transplant done by professionals? Read below to see if that’s true.

This is the thought process of many men when looking for the best hair transplant UK can offer. You do not have to be limited to a hair transplantation in the UK solely, however. The costs at Harley Street are still out of the budget of many men fighting hair loss. The cost shouldn’t stop you doing further research as affordable options are available. 

While Harley Street is a well known centre for medical procedures, a hair transplant in London is not your only option. A prestigious location comes with very high prices. Some of the clinics in Harley Street are a doctor’s permanent location, but did you know that some are rented on a daily or weekly basis? 

Although London is famous with many plastic surgery clinics and hair transplant centres, in fact, the leading country for hair transplants is Turkey. Men from all over the world travel there to achieve a full head of hair- so it is worth weighing up the pros and cons of a hair transplant in London versus having the procedure done in Turkey.

Advantages Of a Hair transplant In the UK

The obvious advantage of having a hair transplant in London is if you live in the UK, London is your capital city. Most locations have trains or buses to London and driving is relatively straightforward. 

In reality, it can be difficult driving around the UK, and public transport is not always reliable and can be very expensive. 

However, if you have a hair transplantation in London, you can be reasonably sure you will get an English speaking doctor and staff. 

There are some very good clinics in London with well qualified and experienced doctors. Harley Street is the most famous location for all things medical, and you could book a procedure with a celebrity doctor, if you can afford their rates of up to £30,000. In general, when it comes to hair transplant London cost, you may have to be prepared for hefty prices. 

You would expect to be able to have a face to face meeting opportunity with the doctor. (In reality, this is quite rare. In most cases, you meet a patient coordinator at best or a pushy sales guy at worst!) 

Easy follow up; if you have a hair transplant in London, then your follow up is simple – you go back to the London clinic. 

Most hair transplant clinics in London offer a payment plan in pounds sterling – though, the terms and conditions vary greatly. It is advisable to read any fineprints thoroughly before signing.

Harley Street

Get Help With Your Hair Loss Problem

For those seeking the best services in hair transplant treatment, look no further. 

We provide our patients life-changing hair transplant options.

Hair Transplant prices in UK

Disadvantages Of a Hair transplant London

It is very expensive to have a hair transplant in London. 

Average cost of a hair transplant in London: 

£6,500 for FUT full head of hair. From £4,500 for 1000 grafts using the FUE technique at one London Clinic 

A Harley Street Clinic’s prices show using FUE that prices start at £3,000 for a small number of grafts and rise to £30,000 for a full head of hair 

Please note – prices are based upon the amount of hair you want to be implanted and the technique that you opt for. (See below for information as to why you should consider the FUE technique). 

Since hair transplant London is this expensive, clinics prefer to expand the treatment in multiple years. (For example – 2000 grafts this year and another 1500-2000 the following year). This is more a sales strategy. They don’t want to scare the patient with a quote of 20K instead they divide into 2… So you end up paying a lot more and having to wait longer to achieve your desired full head of hair.

If you live outside of London – you may end up paying a great deal in travel costs, and it can take a long time to get across the UK! Hair replacement in London may have seemed your only option, until now. 

In reality, regarding what to expect at a hair transplant clinic, your first meeting is not with the doctor, but a patient consultant whose sole aim is to pitch the procedure- in effect your first meeting is a pushy sales call. And they mostly frighten clients by hardly

Payment plans do exist for hair transplants in London- but they do vary and this is an area you need to research thoroughly before making any commitment. 

Harley Street is a famous name- famous name hair transplant doctors may open clinics in multiple cities- using the power of their name- but they cannot perform the procedures in every clinic. You are better off choosing an experienced doctor and one you know is completing the procedure. 

Many London hair transplant clinics still offer the FUT procedure as it is cheaper- but it is more painful and leaves scars.

Hair Transplant in London

How about Choosing a Hair transplant In Turkey, Not London

If you’ve been thinking about a hair transplant for a while, you’ve probably seen the numbers. However, did you know that the average hair transplant in Turkey, costs an average of £1,699 to £3,199? This is far more economical than a hair transplant in London.

FUE Technique

At GetHair, we only offer the FUE technique because our experienced doctor knows this is the best hair transplant technique – but you don’t have to pay Harley Street prices for this. When researching for the most suitable FUE hair transplant UK can offer you, you will be familiar with what to expect. This technique leaves no scars, is a lot less painful than FUT and gives a better result. (For more information in detail on FUE, go here).

Experienced Doctors

The GetHair Senior Hair Surgeon, Dr. Tayfun has been studying hair transplant techniques since 1996. Turkey is a pioneer of the FUE technique, and Doctor Tayfun is an expert practitioner. 

He is also a Fellow member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, member of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS). 

Dr. Tayfun also regularly participates in international conferences both as a speaker and as a guest, in addition to providing advanced training sessions in hair restoration to doctors the world over.

Experienced Staff

When you choose GetHair for your hair transplant in Turkey, your wellbeing is our priority. Our team in London, your patient coordinator in Istanbul and doctor are English speaking. Your primary consultation takes place in our London office, and we aim to answer all your questions at this first meeting.

ISHRS member Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu

Fair pricing and payment Options

The price we quote covers everything from consultation to operation to aftercare – your ONLY extra is the cost of a flight from your location and hair transplant clinic in Turkey. (We even help you source great deals on this).

Great Support

Read our reviews and see what other customers think. We take care of you from the moment you land in Turkey until the moment you leave with your great new head of hair and afterward, with follow-ups. 

When you weigh up the pros and cons – it makes much more sense to choose a hair transplant in Turkey over a hair transplant in London.

State of art hospital

Although Turkey is well-known for hair transplant surgeons and operations, there are unfortunately some companies that maintain fancy websites while operating illegally out of apartment buildings. 

Our facility is state of the art and we operate in a JCI certified, fully equipped hospital in Istanbul.

Whats Included In Our Price

Operation by expert doctors

Our doctors and their supporting team of FUE experts would attend the surgery. Our doctors are members of international organisations such as ISHRS, ABHRS.


2 nights stay in a 4* or 5* hotel including breakfasts. Airport transfers from the moment you land in Istanbul, until you leave.

Aftercare Medication

All post-operation medications, shampoos and lotions.

Get Help With Your Hair Loss Problem

For those seeking the best services in hair transplant treatment, look no further. 

We provide our patients life-changing hair transplant options.