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Cheap Hair Transplant

How To Secure An Affordable Hair Transplant without risking your health + A Destination Price Comparison Chart

What Does A Cheap Hair Transplant Mean?

In short, this means you will need to hop on a plane and travel abroad.

Because in this way, you can secure a saving of up to 60% by choosing a popular hair transplant destination abroad, like Turkey

Savings Are Up To 80%

You don’t have to spend a small fortune for a hair transplant procedure anymore. 

You can now receive a top notch hair transplant procedure without compromising on quality and breaking the bank. 

In this page, we are revealing how.

cheap hair transplant

Cheap (affordable) vs. Cheapest (unsafe) ?


In Turkey, you have a choice of 300 hair clinics, but there are only a handful of qualified hair surgeons available. On the day of your procedure, your alleged “doctor” may turn out to be a part-time taxi driver. And you may learn this just too late to abort the procedure. There has been and will be numerous victims of this malpractice example so we are revealing all the secrets of securing a reliable and cheap hair transplant operation and also how to easily spot a black market pirate clinic below;

According to the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), an astonishing number of 635,000 registered hair transplant surgeries have been completed worldwide in 2017; a 181% increase from 2006.

And from this number, 430,000 of these are directly performed in Turkey alone.

The chart above reveals how serious the risks are if you don’t do enough research on your chosen clinic before travelling to Turkey for a hair transplant operation.

Officially The #1 Destination

Advantages Of Cheap Hair Transplant In Turkey

Turkey has many conveniences over the other budget destinations and we have outlined the most important ones for you on below.

Here are all PROS and CONS of having a hair transplant in Turkey: PROS vs CONS explained here.


Highest Number Qualified Hair Surgeons In Europe

We take customer service very seriously. Our relationship with our patients does not end once the surgery is finished.

Every Medical Team Member Has A License

The strict medical regulations require all team members to hold the clinical nurse qualification in order to attend a surgery next to a surgeon, legally.

There Are 43 JCI Accredited Hospitals

According to the JCI (Joint-Commission International), Turkey comes second in the Top 10 destinations for a cheap hair transplant in the world.

Patient Coordinators Are Multilingual

The top hair clinics in Turkey employ highly-trained individuals who speak your native language.

How to find a credible cheap hair clinic?

And avoiding the black market pirate clinics

First, what is a Black market pirate clinic?

The ISHRS defines these clinics as “operated by non-physicians with little or no training promising guaranteed results which pose serious risk to unsuspecting men and women seeking help for hair loss”.

Indeed, the black market pirate clinics do not operate with a qualified doctor and most of their staff doesn’t even speak English. In this way, they keep their overhead costs low and try persuading potential clients with their fancy websites and ludicrously cheap prices.

They also advertise on Google and pay a lot of money to rank high. In return, they receive many enquiries on a daily basis and some perform over 5 surgeries a day, with a conveyor belt style perception.

Good news, we did the research for you and revealed the tricks of the black market clinics and uncovered these on this page.
hair transplant istanbul

Five steps to detect if a cheap hair clinic is
credible or black market pirate clinic

First things first. A hair transplant operation is a medical procedure, therefore individual results vary from person to person. Therefore, claiming a guarantee shouldn’t be the case, as this would be totally misleading and a sign of not being transparent with clients. Reputable hair surgeons do not offer false promises. 

So, how will you know if you have chosen a genuine hair clinic or a black market pirate clinic?

Step 1:
Spot The False Marketing

Using pretentious words on an online advertisement is the first indication of a black market clinic.

Let’s have a look at the picture on left; 

Words like “guarantee, best, 100% success” or similar should trigger off the alarm. It is very easy to claim to be the best clinic on your own website. But in reality, there is no such hair clinic that only has excellent results or delivers a 100% success.

A hair transplant operation comes with a success rate, just like any other medical procedure.

This first step will help you identify and eliminate most of the unreliable clinics.

After all, even the top hair transplant doctors do not use assertive words as “guarantee”. A clinic with no doctor should not even mention it.

Step 2:
Verify Your Doctor

A cheap hair transplant doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on the quality of service. 

A doctor in Turkey claims he has performed over 20,000 hair transplant surgeries but he still doesn’t hold any relevant qualification.

Basically, the high demand on FUE hair transplant method became very mouth-watering for many businessmen who had no relevant medical background in hair transplants.

Renting a place is easy, and finding an employee where over 50% of the population is under the age of 30 is definitely not an issue.

We have seen many new clinic openings inside residential flats, villas or basements, although the Turkish Ministry of Health only allows hair clinics to operate inside of fully equipped hospitals, strictly, without any exceptions.

The number of certified and qualified hair transplant doctors did not follow the same incrementing trend of new clinic openings, as it takes many years to become a certified and experienced hair transplant doctor.

Consequently, the number of revision sessions follow a very similar trend worldwide with the chart above. Here are the international associations which accept doctors after several tests and enough proof of good work;

ISHRS – The biggest association in the world in hair transplant surgery with 1,100 hair transplant doctor members. 

Only 13 doctors in Turkey are accepted.

ABHRS – Only 200 hair transplant doctors worldwide are accepted as members. A strict acceptance process which includes a comprehensive examination consisting of voth an oral and written component identifying a thorough knowledge of hair restoration surgical techniques.

Only 3 doctors in Istanbul are accepted.

Step 3:
Ask For The Follow-up Care

Handling 5+ patients a day actually guarantees that no one will remember your name once you leave the clinic due to the high volume and lack of enough staff members for the patient care.

Prior to your booking, always ask about their follow up procedures and contact details of the patient coordinators who you will need to stay in touch with throughout your recovery period.

Always receive a written copy of what you have been told after the procedure about how to take initial care of your hair.

Following the guidelines provided can be the thin line between having a good or poor result.

Step 4:
Find Independent Reviews Of Former Patients, On Thirt Party Websites

Almost every hair clinic that demands a piece of this industry publishes reviews.

But most of them share those reviews on their very own website. After years of experience, we now know most of these are bogus, written by their own staff, true story.

This is exactly why you should search for reviews on Google. In this way, you will not eliminate the fake reviews, but also read from fellow hair transplant patients’ experiences in detail.

The BBC has made an article with our dear patient Chris Broughton about his journey. You can see his great change with his homemade videos here.

Step 5:
Read Between The Lines

Some clinics use the doctor’s own name as the domain and advertise with that information. This unfortunately doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be performing the surgery, not anymore at least.

He may simply shake your hand, introduce his team members and leave the room. This is a common practice at many clinics where the cost is under £1500.

Always ask the role of the doctor in your operation prior to any commitment.

Look For An Affordable and Reputable Clinic,
Not The Cheapest

At GetHair, we strongly believe you should get what your money’s worth. Just like you, we also work hard to earn our life. And this is exactly why we don’t cut the corner.

When it comes to understanding your expectations from a hair clinic, we listen.

We have promised to do our best at every hair transplant procedure with our 3 ISHRS-certified hair transplant doctors and highly-skilled clinical nurse team. And we are keeping our commitment since 1996.

Cost Comparison chart across the most popular hair transplant destinations in the world

DestinationPrice / GraftPotential SavingQualified Hair Surgeons
Costa Rica£1.5 -571%0
Philippines£1.3 - 478%10
Mexico£1.8 - 4.560%27
Dominican Republic£1.3 - 368%3
Thailand£0.6 - 480%21
India£0.5 - 378%62

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