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Hair Transplant in Istanbul


How many Hair Transplants in Istanbul are done annually?

By now, you probably know that Turkey became the headquarters of hair transplants in the world, and 68% of all hair transplant procedures done in the world are performed in Turkey. And due to being the biggest city in the country, a hair transplant Istanbul is the most popular choice.

Several sources indicate that a north of 300,000 hair transplant cases are seen every year only in Istanbul. This number almost counts for the half of all hair transplant procedures done globally, per year. Therefore a hair transplant in Istanbul is something definitely you should consider.

Prices start from only £1699

Also hair transplant patients benefit from the increased popularity of Istanbul in hair restoration services, as the high demand urged clinics to review their prices, which resulted in fitting everyone’s budget.

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At an easy reach with 500+ direct flights


It is true that you need to hop on a plane and some prior planning is therefore needed for your hair transplant journey in Istanbul.

But being at an easy reach anywhere from Europe makes Istanbul a visitor magnet.

Most major capitals have multiple direct flights to Istanbul, and the prices are very affordable, due to variety of options available.

The picture on the left reveals actually how close some cities are to Istanbul.

Everyday, flights are landing with tens of clients who are visiting for a hair transplant in Istanbul. Whilst some clients are choosing no-doctor clinics in Istanbul, some others do more due diligence and find a good hair surgeon in Istanbul.

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Two nights of stay is sufficient


48 hours is what you need.

A hair transplant in Istanbul fits within your schedule. With a dynamic and highly experienced team and a hair surgeon at your disposal, you can be in and out in even less than 48 hours with full head of hair, that is permanent.

Here is how a schedule of a patient travelling to Istanbul for a hair transplant operation;

DAY 1: Arrival at Istanbul (at anytime)

DAY 2: Operation Day

DAY 3: A morning aftercare session and you are free to go.

If you want to know how that 48 hours work in detail, click here.

#1 Spot For Affordable Hair Transplants in the World

Advantages Of A Cheap Hair Transplant In Istanbul

The city with a history starting at 13th century BC is now the home of the highest number of hair transplant operations performed around the globe.

Highest Number of Qualified Hair Surgeons In Europe

Despite the cheap costs, Istanbul has tens of internationally qualified hair surgeons.

Every Medical Team Member Has A License

The strict medical regulations legally require all team members to hold the clinical nurse registration in order to attend a surgery next to a surgeon.

The regulations require clinics to operation in hospitals

In Istanbul, the law requires the hair clinics to be located inside hospitals to ensure patient health is the top priority.

Patient Coordinators Are Multilingual

The top hair clinics in Istanbul employ highly-trained individuals who speak your native language.

How to find a credible cheap hair clinic in Istanbul?


The operation needs to be carried in a hospital

Knowing that the clinic you will be visiting is safe to go is crucial. And the only way to find this out is by confirming with the clinic representative and asking if they are regulated by the Ministry of Health in Turkey.

Unfortunately, although the law is very clear, there are still a high number of so-called hair clinics which operate outside of hospitals.

Their reason is not the limited number of medical space availability. Being in a hospital comes with a cost and those black market clinics avoid paying it so they can keep their fixed costs low.

It is true that in this way they can offer cheaper prices; but in return, as a patient, it may mean you are compromising on the quality of the care and even your health.

GetHair’s Istanbul and Ankara clinics are both located in fully equipped and regulated private hospitals. Offering the most affordable Hair Transplants in Turkey

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The presence of a hair surgeon is recommended

Although there are now over 300 clinics for hair restoration in Istanbul, there are only 13 internationally qualified hair surgeons available. With a simple math, only 4% of hair clinics in Turkey have a qualified hair transplant surgeon available.

(Here are the top 7 names we trust: Best Hair Transplant Doctors of Turkey list.)

As a result, many patients therefore do not even meet with a surgeon throughout their hair transplant experience.

This causes great complications and those patients mostly cannot find anyone to speak about their hairs once the procedure is completed.

At GetHair, all our four surgeons are highly qualified and hold multi memberships from international hair surgery associations.

The best clinic is the one with qualified surgeons and affordable prices

At GetHair, we studied what our clients are looking for since 1996. We listened and understood their primary needs from a hair transplant procedure and what they want to see, as well as what not to see.

As a result, we decided to offer hair transplant information with an unbiased approach and without being pushy. This is exactly why we prepared many additional pages on our website to help the potential hair transplant clients choose the right clinic for themselves with the transparent information written.

Our Expert Hair Surgeons can provide you free and detailed consultation reports

Number of GraftsTechnican ONLY Clinics*Doctor (1-5 years of experience)Senior Doctor Full IncisionsSenior Doctor Full Incisions and Extractions
20001300 GBP1850 GBP2200 GBP2900 GBP
25001400 GBP1900 GBP2300 GBP2950 GBP
30001500 GBP2000 GBP2400 GBP3100 GBP
35001550 GBP2050 GBP2500 GBP3300 GBP
40001600 GBP2100 GBP2600 GBP3400 GBP