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Beard Transplant in Turkey explained


The Rise Of Beard Transplants

How did it become this popular?

The hair transplants not only helped millions of men to bring their lost hair back, but also created a great convenience for the ones who like to have more facial hair. When we think about facial hair, beard transplant Turkey comes into mind first.

When the Clooneys, the Afflecks, the Gyllenhaals of the world all turned up fully bearded on the award show season red carpets back in 2013, we rejoiced.

The celebrity world began to provide many different models so our eyes got used to seeing millions of men with beards.

Brad Pitt, Jason Momoa, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Jason Statham, LeBron James are some of the many celebrities with beard that will make you want to stop shaving.

beard transplant turkey

How is the beard transplant done?

Beard hair transplant is a procedure we used to perform at our private hair clinics since the 2000s.

But in the recent years, the number of enquiries increased by almost 10x and now it counts to over 15% of all procedures we perform.

A beard hair transplantation follows the same steps as a hair transplant procedure

Clearly a less invasive procedure, with minimum pain. Our patients report that they usually feel a pins and needles feeling after the procedure for a couple of days but it doesn’t keep them away from drinking, eating or socialising.


Harvesting hairs from the donor region, the back of your head, where the hairs have a different genetic code that makes them resistant to the DHT Hormone.


Channel openings are done to the recipient area, on face, instead of the top part of the head.


Insertion of extracted donor hairs to the recipient area, one by one, manually.

“ Given that I draw the lines and ask for your opinion prior to the surgery, a beard transplantation can be fully tailored to your needs, by you. This flexibility allows you to choose a style you prefer. "

beard transplants

Is getting a beard transplant for you?

Recent reports say the procedure has seen an increase in demand of 600% during the past five years. Especially the long beard (hipster beard) fashion has created more awareness of it between men who do not used to have a full facial coverage. Only in the UK 4,500 men had beard transplantation in 2012, and this number has seen a steep increase every year since then. Most men claim that the procedure has boosted their confidence and had finally given them a chance to style their facial hair as they wish. Due to the considerably smaller implantation area, compared to a top of the head procedure, beard implantation is highly popular amongst men who have advanced hair loss level, as Norwood Scale 5 or more, who may not achieve the desired coverage with a traditional hair transplant procedure. Less donor hair is required for extraction compared to a hair transplant procedure, consequently the rate of patient approval is quite higher than usual hair transplant suitability rate, so for this reason on its own, many men are eligible for the procedure.

How much does a beard transplant Turkey cost?

Good news. Although a traditional hair transplant surgery cost varies from case to case, due to the wide range of hair loss stages, a beard transplant comes with a fixed cost and it does not break the bank. The cost fluctuates between £1,900 and £2,800 across the most reputable hair clinics in Turkey.

Unlike other hair transplant procedures, a beard procedure is more affordable and almost every man is eligible, regardless of the condition of their donor region.

We offer free consultations and reports across three countries, US, UK and Turkey.
beard transplant turkey
beard transplants

How long does a beard transplant in Turkey last?

As the hairs we implant carry a different genetic code and resistant to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone, the main cause of hair loss, a beard implantation is permanent and the success is life long.

You can safely trim your new beard, regrow it, keep it as long as you wish, fully shave or wear it very short, as this procedure doesn’t come with any postoperative restrictions.

As long as you take good care of your beard, starting from the very next day following your procedure, there is a high chance that you will have a thick, healthy looking beard forever.

A Quick Recap Of The Aftercare

2-4 Days of Swelling

Just like a hair transplant procedure, you may observe swelling during the first 4 days.

5 Days of Antibiotics

We provide a 5-day course of special antibiotics to prevent potential folliculitis.

14 Days No-Shaving

In order to eliminate the risk of ingrown hairs, we don't recommend shaving for 14 days.

12 Months to Full Growth

The full recovery period is 12 months. Due to having many muscles around, it actually can take less time.

The Best Beard Transplant Doctors In Turkey

Identical to our advice on hair transplant procedures, a beard transplant should also be done by the professionals in the industry, who hold relevant qualifications to perform the surgery and have years of vast experience.

The doctors below study this, do research on it, and have performed thousands of procedures in recent years. Their work has been accepted and acknowledged by international organisations and we are sharing their names with you below;

Would you like to have Thicker Beard?

As the Dalai Lama says: “If there is a solution, why worry?”

Let’s talk and explore your options to get a beard transplantation in Turkey. Our expertise is at your disposal and absolutely free and non-binding.

Our highly-knowledgeable patient consultants can guide you through the process at a time you are available.