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The Best Hair Transplant Doctors Turkey

After receiving a whopping 26,000 male pattern hair loss enquiries, we noticed the same doctor names are regularly being asked for our feedback. Our best hair transplant doctors Turkey list will help you find the right clinic.

We can’t blame you. There is a lot of reading material out there, yet there is so little reliable information available and this page explains the FUE hair transplants in detail.  And in order to come across some genuine information, you need to do tons of research and also be lucky. The good news; we studied our lesson and outlined the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey for you below.

best hair transplant doctors in turkey

Who Is This List For

As you are reading our advice, this means you are in search of the right hair clinic for yourself. Ultimately, you will be placing your scalp in the hands of someone who you probably never met before. And rightly, you want to gather as much information as possible before spending your hard-earned money and minimise the risks of getting a poor result.

So we prepared this list for individuals who are aware that their donor region is a limited source and therefore would like to get this operation done correctly, by professionals, who are legally qualified to perform such hair transplant surgery in Turkey, successfully.

First, a short summary on hair transplant operations in Turkey;

best hair transplant doctors in turkey

Noticed the similarity between two trends?

The growing demand created business opportunities for many. But the number of hair surgeons did not follow the same increment.

Reason? Because it takes many years to become a certified hair surgeon and obtain memberships from ISHRS or ABHRS, ideally both.

Long story short, many clinics are opened by people who are not real surgeons or qualified for the job, called Black market pirate clinics, by ISHRS. 

They employed technicians and trained them very shortly, who are not necessarily clinical nurses either, and have started advertising online, which many of us came across at some point. A nice website, catchy words, highly affordable cost, but no mention of any doctor name.

For many of us who have a dedicated budget for a hair transplant operation, this was music to our ears. But the following years created many unhappy men, who complained about the service they received or the final outcome of their hair transplant procedure. The inexperienced clinics started to jeopardize Turkey’s global reputation in the hair transplant industry by charging patients without delivering any result on exchange, due to the lack of experience they miss.

best hair transplant doctors in turkey
best hair transplant doctors in turkey

We strongly advise you to ask the following questions to your clinic so you know who you are dealing with;

  • Will there be a doctor present who will actively participate in my procedure?
  • Does my doctor have the appropriate qualifications to perform the surgery
  • Do you have hospital privileges to perform the procedure?
  • Am I a good candidate for a hair transplant procedure?
  • Will I require further operations in the future?
  • Do you speak my native language at the clinic?
  • Do you have independent testimonials?
  • What if I am not satisfied with the result?

The List Of Best Hair Transplant Doctors Turkey

At GetHair, we strongly believe you should get what your money’s worth is and receive a top notch treatment. We have created thousands of happy individuals in years and would like to share the list of best hair transplant doctors in Turkey so that you can choose a doctor who has the right credentials and experience in place to deliver the result you are after;

Choosing one of the hair surgeons from the list above will help you to minimise the risks associated with a hair transplant operation and guarantee you won’t be spending your hard-earned money for nothing.

Would you like more help from us? We would be delighted if you contact us and let us answer your hair transplant questions openly, by our expert consultants. And we do this for free with a non-binding ethical approach.

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