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Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey


What is a Sapphire Hair Transplant?

A 30-second summary

The Sapphire hair transplant is a variant of the famous FUE hair transplant method as it shares the same principal and phases. The difference lies in the incision phase, known as the channel opening part. 

The microsurgery instrument used in channel opening has a sapphire blade, carved from the most precious of the blue gemstones, sapphire.

Sapphire gemstone is known for its durability, luster and the hardness, which makes it a perfect choice to open incision channels with high precision as it does not get dull during a hair transplant session and delivers the exact quality across the very first channel to the last. 

The biggest advantage of the sapphire hair transplant is that we can open incision channels much closer to each other, hence we can deliver a greater density overall.

Continue reading to see if a Sapphire hair transplant in Turkey is for you or not.

Sapphire hair transplant


  1. Constantly sharp blades help delivering ultimate precision.
  2. Smaller incision channels meaning smaller scab formations and quicker healing.
  3. More incision channels can be opened over the recipient region, meaning a higher density.


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The Advantages of Sapphire Hair Transplant Method

The ongoing improvements across hair transplant methods benefit the potential clients the most. Because the results get better whilst the cost of the procedure goes down. The hair transplant industry advances according to the clients’ needs and demands. And even though the sapphire hair transplants is simply a variant of the famous FUE method, it still brings significant improvements to the table.


The smaller incision channels via V-Shaped blade ends deliver less risk of irritation to the nearby hair follicle helps achieving great densities.

Always Sharp

A sapphire gemstone is durable and hard. As a result, the blade does not get dull during your hair transplant procedure. This means high precision.

Speedy Recovery

The recipient area scabbing is relatively lower, which means your initial recovery period is quicker than the conventional FUE procedure.

“ We use Sapphire blades to achieve high hair density on the recipient areas so this gives us the opportunity to come one step closer to a patient's native hair density."

What can you expect to achieve with a Sapphire hair transplant operation?

As any medical procedure, a hair transplant operation also comes with a success rate. Although the success rate is significantly high, a patient’s expectations need to be addressed correctly prior to the procedure.


World Average
Successful procedures 80%
Our Average
Successful procedures 96%

The success rate increases with ensuring you will see a qualified doctor in the operation theatre. Unfortunately, due to the high competition between clinics, many of them employ only technicians and do not have a surgeon present. 

Only a doctor qualified in hair transplants can increase the success rate of your procedure and match your expectations. Just as in dentistry and plastic surgeries, a hair transplant procedure in Istanbul should be done by professionals.

At GetHair, we are proud to have 4 internationally qualified hair surgeons on board.

The Duration of a Sapphire Hair Transplant Operation

It is a misbelief that a hair transplant surgery takes a very long time and no breaks are given. Quite the contrary, a sapphire hair transplant procedure takes around 4 to 7 hours in total, depending on the grafts one patient needs. As there are three phases in the procedure, several breaks are given throughout the procedure, making it a comfortable procedure for patients and the teams performing the surgery. 


Motorised or Manual, the extraction carries the same principle with the FUE method and done one by one.


This is where the Sapphire hair transplant is decomposed from the traditional FUE, as we use sapphire blades, which are proven to be more durable and precise.


The extracted hair follicles are implanted to the channels, opened with sapphire blades.


It is a common misbelief that every man or woman is eligible for a hair transplant procedure in general. Unfortunately, there are multiple factors that have direct impact over determining your suitability for this medical operation. Below, we summarised the most important ones.

How Old Are You?

The male pattern hair loss (MPB) mostly gets stable between the age of 30 and 33. Therefore, most hair clinics in the world recommend their younger patients to wait for several years until their hair loss slows down and stabilises before they choose the hair transplant path. This is because any ethical clinic should not implant hairs on top of your native hairs and they know that once your native hairs fall, the natural look provided with a hair transplant procedure may fade dramatically.

But you might also be too old for this procedure as well. You might be a senior and your medical history doesn’t tick all the boxes to be considered as eligible for a hair transplant procedure.

The best way to know if you are suitable for this medical procedure is to fill out an assessment form with questions related to your medical history, lifestyle and habits.

Good news, we offer free consultations and reports across four countries, US, UK, Spain and Turkey. So you will immediately know your suitability with us before making any plans.


Almost every men is suitable for DHI hair transplant Turkey
The food pyramid infographic with food icons and categories, for hair transplant

How Does Your Medical History Look?

Even though the hair transplant operations are highly commercialised nowadays, it is still a serious medical procedure performed under local anaesthetic. Consequently, understanding the possible complications it may arise is crucial before booking your procedure.

Due to being performed under local anaesthesia, you may be asked to pause or lower the dose of your prescribed medication for a specific, but short period. Although it sounds doable, the best is to ask your own doctor.

If a potential issue is noticed in our patient assessment forms, our expert hair doctors usually require an approval letter from your health provider or the GP.

 This happens when they want to make sure everything is in place so no one faces any nasty last minute surprises; such as a cancellation on the day of your long-waited procedure.

You can contact us and request to fill out our Patient Assessment Form to know if you are suitable or not. Filling out the form is absolutely free of charge and non-binding.

Do You Have A Balanced Lifestyle?

Once your hair transplant operation is over, it is time to look after those valuable hair follicles well. From our experience with 27,000 men who contacted us, many were not aware that post-operative support is important, or even necessary. 

Believe it or not, they are not far from a baby. They need to be nurtured on a daily basis, with the right food intake and variety of it. Otherwise, they may grow thin or at a slow pace. We all love chunky looking babies, so the route for thick and healthy looking hair is exactly the same; a balanced diet with lots of good nutrition in it. 

Vegetables, nuts, protein rich food, fruits are all good and highly beneficial.

Smoking, consuming a lot of alcohol on the other hand, are definitely not.

For more advice, please contact us and benefit from our free information.


A Quick Recap Of The Aftercare

2-4 Days of Swelling

Just like a hair transplant procedure, you may observe swelling during the first 4 days.

5 Days of Antibiotics

We provide a 5-day course of special antibiotics to prevent potential folliculitis.

14 Days of Scabbing

It is expected to observe scabbing over the recipient region during the initial recovery phase.

12 Months to Full Growth

The full recovery period is 12 months. Due to having many muscles around, it actually can take less time.

Alternative Hair Transplant Methods

The Sapphire Hair Transplant operation is one of the most popular choices between men seeking a hair transplant procedure in 2020.  But for the ones who would like to consider all other options, we are proud to offer alternative options to choose from a wide range. All hair transplant methods listed here share the same phases of;

  • Drawing the frontal hairline
  • Partial/Full shaving of hair
  • Administering the local anaesthesia
  • Extraction of hair follicles
  • Separating the grafts into groups
  • Incisions
  • Implantation of the grafts extracted.

The list of Turkish Hair Doctors Performing the Sapphire Hair Transplants

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