The Ketogenic Diet – All You Need to Know

ketogenic dietThe Ketogenic Diet - All You Need to Know Ever since the Atkins Diet shot to fame in the early 2000's, low carb diets have entered the public nutrition thinking. They have been credited with dramatic weight loss, clearing up ailments, allowing some astonishing dietary choices and changing the public nutritional thinking forever. The latest [...]

Improving Your Hair’s Health With Essential Oils

Essential oils have a long history of use in a range of applications. They’re popular for aromatherapy and some have therapeutic uses as well. Most essential oils are also safe to use with a low risk of adverse side effects but always do your research on the plant and its oil first. Science is now [...]

Post-Christmas Financial Recovery Tips

Post-Christmas Financial Recovery Tips

Post-Christmas Financial Recovery Tips According to a recent research poll by accountancy firm, Deloitte, British adults spend an average of £567 on Christmas – this figure includes gifts, food, socialising, alcohol etc. If you’ve got children or a bigger family, this figure increases somewhat. If you haven’t budgeted for this kind of outlay, the shock […]

How to Build a Home Gym When You Have Limited Space

home gymHow to Build a Home Gym When You Have Limited Space When we think of a home gym, most people automatically picture a vast room, full of cardio kit, various weights benches and a lot of bars and plates - the kind of thing you see in the mansions of the rich and famous. The [...]

Is a Fitness Retreat the Holiday For You?

fitness retreat, warm weather training considerationsIs a Fitness Retreat For You? Over the years, travel has evolved considerably. Gone are the days of the only travel option being a week in the rain on a British beach, eating fish and chips and wishing you were somewhere else! We now have all kinds of tourism - from the drop and flop [...]

There Are Ketones, And There Are Ketone Bodies

They sound delicious! However, despite the name, raspberry ketones are not derived from raspberries! If they were the pills would be incredibly, and prohibitively, expensive. Yes, raspberries do have ketones but in miniscule amounts. Two pounds of whole raspberries for example contains just 1 to 4 milligrams of ketones. Therefore, to get an effective dose [...]