GetHair advertising in the English Football Leagues

GetHair advertising in the English Football League We are delighted to announce the launch of our new adverting campaign in the Sky Bet Championship and Sky Bet League 1 for the 19/20 season. We are extremely happy to work alongside sports rights agency Lagardère Sports, to secure the deal which will see our campaign in […]

10 Questions to ask before you commit to a hair transplant

10 Questions you should ask a hair transplant clinic before you commit to a hair transplant surgery Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on whatsapp The questions below won’t only save you money, but they will also help your hair transplant experience be smoother, without glitches and definitely with less headache. The road to […]


Is it Safe to Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey Turkey especially Istanbul is the number 1 destination for the hair transplant surgery.Every year tens of thousands of men travel to Turkey to get their looks back.  Unfortunately, some still feel uncomfortable to travel Turkey due to security concerns. Although there had been some security […]

Lower Body Exercises You Can Do Outdoors

We have all been to that one gym where you are waiting ages to use equipment (usually a bench) and then having to settle completing your workout not doing the exercises you planned on doing, or have you stepped in to a non-air conditioned gym on a hot day and just wanted to leave straight [...]


A cup of green tea as a pre workout supplement before training is a great way to shed those pounds. Green tea has earned a place as one of the healthiest beverages to include in your diet. It is a taste that you have to get used to, but many companies now blend Green Tea [...]

Dr. Ilker Apaydin Joins GetHair

We are very proud to announce that ISHRS member Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ilker APAYDIN has now joined GetHair. After many long meetings, we have convinced this great surgeon to join our growing team. In the video below, you can see his welcome message and his fantastic Before/After results. Why don’t you request for free consultation where you can […]


build your armsTime is precious so sometimes long gym sessions after a hard day in work are out of the question. However making good use of your lunch break by completing an effective gym workout could be a great alternative and something that boosts your mood through the day. Training biceps is a perfect muscle group that [...]

Hair Transplant Quiz Answers

Q:Hair loss comes from your mother's side. A:Hair loss is genetic, yes, but those genes come from both sides of your family. If there is hair loss somewhere in your family, even only on one side, there's a good chance it will happen to you. Q:It is normal to lose some hair everyday... but how [...]

The most beautiful beaches in Turkey

[mk_page_title_box page_title="Konyaaltı Beach" bg_image="" bg_position="center center" font_color="#ffffff"] When you travel to a country like Turkey; beautiful warm sunshine, and surrounded by the sea to the North, South and the West then you are bound to find plenty of beaches. And with coastlines along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas you will certainly not be disappointed, whether [...]

Paranoia or Perfect Timing?

[mk_page_title_box page_title="When to make an appointment for hair loss treatment?" bg_image="" bg_position="center top" bg_stretch="true" overlay="rgba(124,124,124,0.46)" font_color="#ffffff"] Our hair is an incredibly important part of our physical appearance - affecting how we look and feel about ourselves. This is why noticing a loss of hair or even being self-conscious about whether your hair is thinning can [...]

Try these 4 Sports in 2017

[mk_page_title_box page_title="Football" bg_image="" bg_position="center center" bg_stretch="true" font_color="#ffffff"] If you are thinking of starting a new fitness regime to kick start 2017, you may be wondering where to start. Gyms can be an intimidating place as well as costly when you factor in hiring a personal trainer. Participating in a different kind of sport, however, whether [...]

First Up, Best Dressed – How to make a good impression everywhere

As the age old saying goes, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’. This is very true – first impressions do last, and how you present yourself matters. All that said, it’s not just about impressing your would-be clients, potential partners or employers. It is so much more than that. It’s […]

Hair & Hair Loss Infographic

Now you can learn  all the basics  about hair loss and hair transplant surgery visually  thanks to our dynamic and interactive hair loss infographic. If you like our infographic please share and let us know what you think by leaving a comment. This would definitely will encourage us to focus on our new hair transplant facts video! […]

10 Hair Style Suggestions For Halloween

Try these hair cuts ONLY if you want to scare away people. Who needs a costume… Movember, misunderstood… Now you know why there was a hair in your ham sandwich “Saturn” he replied when they asked him what he would like to be in the future. At least the colours are matching Humpty Dumpty with […]

Norwood Scale explained with 3D images

Norwood scale is a scale used to identify the stage of hair loss in males, there are seven levels or stages of hair loss in the Norwood Scale. Should you consult with the hair loss experts at GetHair, we can help you to understand what level of hair loss you’re currently experiencing, but it’s still […]

Common Hair Loss Types

Hair loss is a fact of life for many males, but in most cases it doesn’t need to be. In recent years there have been some miraculous advances in technology and science that have made successfully treating most common hair loss types very affordable. Common Hair Loss Types There are many  hair loss types (hair […]

Choosing the Right Hairstyle for Men

You may know which hairstyle you like – but will it look right with your face? When you’re on the market for a new style, it can be difficult to decide which one is best-suited for you. Fortunately, the selection process is easier than you think. Actually, just knowing which face shape you have can […]

Your Personal Appearance and How It Affects Your Self-Esteem

Men are often seen as more carefree where appearances are concerned, but as studies have proven decisively in recent years, not to mention the number of men’s grooming and personal products on the market, that actually isn’t the case at all. Male members of society, and not only young men, tend to place more importance […]