Extreme Sports – Parachuting And Skydiving

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to leap out of a plane several thousand metres above the earth with nothing more between you and certain death than a piece of material strapped to your back that you hope will obligingly open when you tug a cord?   Welcome to the concept, or […]

Is a Fitness Retreat Holiday For You?

fitness retreat, warm weather training considerationsOver the years, travel has evolved considerably. Gone are the days of the only travel option being a week in the rain on a British beach, eating fish and chips and wishing you were somewhere else, like a fitness retreat holiday! We now have all kinds of tourism - from the drop and flop holiday [...]

Only In Australia!

At GetHair, every month we have a number of Australian clients so we thought we’d take a look at the wide brown land they call home.  If you’ve looked at an atlas or Googled world maps you’ll have noticed that Australia is a rather large country.   It covers around 7,706 million square kilometres. To […]

Can You Play Golf In Turkey?

Fancy a round of golf whilst you’re visiting us in Istanbul for your hair transplant? You may not realise it but we have a number of world-class courses to play golf in Turkey. It’s tempting to believe that golf is a fairly modern innovation in Turkey and when it comes to resorts and world-class courses […]

Olu Deniz – Turkey’s Piece of Paradise

Olu Deniz – From the UK to Paradise in 4 Hours Turkey is blessed with everything the British tourist would want – beautiful weather, fantastic food, interesting history, incredible beaches and thanks to the exchange rate, it’s really affordable. Your money goes a long way in Turkey, making it one of the best value destinations […]

New City Travel Tips

New city travel tips

New City Travel Tips – Get The Most From Your Holiday When travelling to a new city, it’s easy to be overwhelmed – new sights, new sounds, new languages, new geography. With so much to see, do and take in, you can waste a lot of time learning more about your surroundings than you need […]

Romantic things to do in Turkey


Like Antony and Cleopatra before them, many couples have discovered the joys and splendour of Turkey. No matter what piques your interest, couples with many varied interests can enjoy what Turkey has to offer. From the unspoiled beaches, to Greek ruins, to adventure sports, Turkey has it all. Here we’ve collected a selection of our […]

An introduction to Turkish breakfasts

When travelling, your first morning in a new place can be a tricky one. The trifecta of groggy, disoriented and hungry makes it all too tempting to eat the first thing you can grab. It doesn't have to be this way, though. When you are in Turkey, you cannot go wrong with a Turkish breakfast. [...]

The most beautiful beaches in Turkey

[mk_page_title_box page_title="Konyaaltı Beach" bg_image="http://gethair.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/depositphotos_21554383_original.jpg" bg_position="center center" font_color="#ffffff"] When you travel to a country like Turkey; beautiful warm sunshine, and surrounded by the sea to the North, South and the West then you are bound to find plenty of beaches. And with coastlines along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas you will certainly not be disappointed, whether [...]