The extra mile

A hair transplant is more than a procedure. 

Dean explains how.

We did the research.

95% of hair transplant patients do not have a hair surgeon in their procedure in Turkey.

A medical procedure requires qualified surgeons.


Qualified Surgeons.

GetHair has a total of 4 qualified hair transplant surgeons.

Active involvement.

In every hair transplant procedure, one of our hair surgeons actively participates in the procedure.

you have the full control.

Our packages put you in charge. You can determine how much of a surgeon’s involvement you wish to have.

Knowledge is everything



400+ independent reviews

Real people, true stories, transparent feedbacks.


real patient videos

12 month updates, time lapses, all made by former patients.


high success rate

Over 96% of our patients report that they are pleased with their results.

Internationally qualified

The doctors.

  • Combined experience of 49 years.
  • International qualifications.
  • Active involvement.

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu

Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu
  • Operating since 1996.
  • 9,000+ patients
  • FUE, Long-FUE.

Dr. Ilker Apaydin

hair transplant ilker apaydin
  • Operating since 1998.
  • 7,000+ patients
  • FUE, FUT.

Dr. Japhlet Aranas

  • Operating since 2004.
  • 1,000+ patients
  • FUE, FUT.

Dr. Fevzi Kortay

Dr. Fevzi Kortay
  • Operating since 2018.
  • 750+ patients
  • FUE, Long-FUE.

Real people.
True stories.

A hair transplant is more than a procedure.