Dr. Ekrem Civas

Dr. Ekrem Civas is the first Fellow member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in Turkey and an ambassador of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Ekrem has also been accepted onto the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), which makes him one of the only 6 doctors in the whole of Turkey to do so.

Dr. Ekrem also annually participates in international conferences both as a speaker and as a guest, in addition to providing advanced training sessions in hair restoration to doctors the world over.

Dr. Ekrem is a famous name in hair transplant Turkey.

Dr. Ekrem Civas accepts only one patient a day so the entire focus will solely be on you for achieving the best possible results.

A Snapshot of Dr. Ekrem's Career

Born in 1971, the Dermatologist and Specialist Hair Surgeon Dr. Ekrem Civas is performing advanced hair transplant operations in Istanbul since 1999.

20 + Year Experience

More Than 3000 Patients

4 International Certificates

About Dr. Ekrem Civas

After completing his residency in 1999 on dermatology, Dr. Ekrem Civas started practicing FUT hair transplants between 1999 to 2006. With followed international trainings and practices across Canada, USA, Poland and Sweden, he switched to FUE method in 2007 and continued improving his expertise in hair transplant field. He became the first FELLOW member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) from Turkey and is an active member of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) which makes him one of the four members. He is also a member of IAHRS. What does it mean to be a FELLOW member, compared to others? There are a very few ISHRS member surgeons who could reach to this level.  ISHRS’ website explains the difficulty and the significance of obtaining the “Fellow” title as; “In order to be considered, the hair restoration surgeon must achieve a specific level of points in a system of various educational parameters such as serving in leadership positions, American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) certification, writing of scientific papers, teaching at scientific programs, among others. It is a great honour for a member to achieve the Fellow designation of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS). This recognizes the surgeon who strives for excellence in this specialized field. To maintain this status, the surgeon must continue to meet established educational criteria over time”
Dr. Ekrem Civas

Dr. Ekrem's Memberships

Dr. Ekrem Civas has participated over 25 international scientific meetings and published 24 articles, 21 scientific posters and has written 3 books on both dermatology and hair transplantation.  

He has become a member of ABHRS, made him the very first hair surgeon from Turkey to obtain this title. 

He is known by his outstanding results and a choice of many national celebrities. 

Dr. Ekrem Civas is a world-class surgeon in Europe and the US, without the premium price.

Seminars Dr. Ekrem has Attended

  • 2019 ISHRS Bangkok
  • 2018 ISHRS Los Angeles
  • 2013 ISHRS Workshop Manchester
  • 2012 ISHRS Bahamas
  • 2011 IMCASS Paris
  • 2010 IMCASS Paris
  • 2009 ISHRS Amsterdam
  • 2008 ISHRS Montreal
  • 2007 ISHRS Las Vegas
  • 2007 IMCASS Paris
  • 2006 ISHRS Vancouver
  • 2005 ESHRS Brussels
  • 2002 ESHRS Berlin
  • 2001 ESHRS Madrid
  • 2000 ASHRS Athens
  • 1999 ESHRS Paris
  • 1998 ISHRS Boston