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Hair Transplant Finance

Get Your Hair Back With Monthly Payments​

We know many men would like finance their hair transplant surgery but do not want go through the hassle of applying for a loan which can affect their credit score.

At GetHair, we offer an attractive payment plan option which comes with 0% APR over 10 payments through our partner Splitit.

At GetHair, we offer the easiest and quickest option for hair transplant finance.

The process for the payment plan is very simple! You just need to complete a simple form  to finance your hair transplant which does not take more than 1 minute!

A good credit score is NOT required and there are no credit checks.

You only need to have an existing credit card, Mastercard or Visa but not American Express, with an available limit that covers the cost of the surgery minus the deposit.

Calculate your monthly payment now!

Get in touch with us and get your hair assessed by one of our expert doctors.

Payment Plan Schedule Sample

In this sample scenario our patient will pay £2500 for his surgery and he decided to split the payment in 8.
DateAmount dueAmount chargedAmount blocked on credit cardDescription
Before operation2500£5000We always collect a £500 deposit to secure the operation day.
Operation Day (Initial payment)20002501750On the day of the operation or couple of days if you prefer, our payment plan provider is going to charge £250 and block (authorize) £1750 on our credit card.
1 month after initial payment17502501500A month after your initial payment, our payment plan provider is going to charge £250 and block (authorize) £1500 on our credit card.
2 months after initial payment15002501250
3 months after initial payment12502501000
4 months after initial payment1000250750
5 months after initial payment750250500
6 months after initial payment500250250
7 months after initial payment2502500His 8th payment is scheduled 7 months after the initial payment (most likely on the surgery day) and this will be his last payment.