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Elevate Your Barber Earnings
Effortlessly with Each Referral

Are you a barber who takes pride in enhancing your clients’ appearance and confidence? Join forces with GetHair through our intuitive mobile app. This partnership offers you a straightforward path to increase your income, while providing your clients with life-changing hair transplant options. It’s more than a business growth opportunity; it’s a chance to add exceptional value to your clients’ lives.”

Simple Steps to Success

  • Sign up for our referral program
  • Read our brief educational kit to have an understanding of our hair transplant procedure
  • Introduce GetHair: Talk to your clients about our expert hair transplant services.
  • Capture & Share: Use our app to snap pictures and share with GetHair.
  • Earn & Grow: Receive a commission (starting from £250) for each client who proceeds with the treatment. Your clients will also receive £100 discount.
Our Expert Doctors, Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu and Dr Ilker Apaydin

Why Partner with GetHair?

  • Reputable Brand: Align with GetHair, a renowned UK registered company serving British men since 2014.
  • Expert Medical Team: Our patients are in the safe hands of our senior doctors in Istanbul, Turkiye, certified by ISHRS and ABHRS.
  • Proven Success: Join the forces with a clinic that has served over 2,000 patients, with an 85% client base from the UK.
  • Client Trust: Leverage our 430+ positive reviews to build trust and credibility. (As seen on
  • Generous Income Potential. Based on our projections, partners have the potential to earn easily between £2-4K annually, with the most engaged reaching beyond £10K. Dive into your possibilities with our Income Calculator, conveniently available on this page, to gauge your personalized earning prospects

We Equip You for Success

After joining, you’ll gain access to concise, enlightening videos that provide a basic understanding of the hair transplant process and the effortless navigation of our referral app.

While we don’t expect you to delve into detailed inquiries or sell hair transplant, a foundational knowledge is beneficial. Rest assured, our patient coordinators will handle the in-depth education and guidance for each referral. Your role is to simply refer, and our team is committed to supporting you in every aspect of this journey

Start your partnership journey with GetHair today!

Calculate Your Earnings: Discover Your Referral Revenue Potential

Unlock your earning potential with our intuitive income calculator. Simply enter the number of weekly referrals you anticipate, and estimate the percentage of those referrals you expect will proceed with the operation (ranging from 5% to 50%). Our calculator will instantly project your potential income, empowering you to visualize the financial benefits of partnering with GetHair. Start planning your success today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Partner Barbers

  • How does the GetHair Partner Program work?

    The program allows barbers to refer clients who may benefit from hair transplant services. After signing up and completing a brief training, barbers use a dedicated app to refer clients to GetHair. Each successful referral that leads to a hair transplant procedure earns the barber a commission.

  • How much can I earn through the GetHair Partner Program?

    Barbers have the potential to earn between 2-3K annually, with the most engaged barbers possibly exceeding 10K. Exact earnings depend on the number of successful referrals and the commission structure.

  • What do I need to do as a barber in the GetHair Partner Program?

    As a barber in the program, you need to identify potential clients, briefly introduce them to the concept of hair transplantation with GetHair, and use the app to refer them. Explaining the details about hair transplant are handled by GetHair's patient coordinators.

  • Can I track my referrals and earnings?

    Yes, the referral app allows you to track your referrals, their status, and view your earnings.

  • Who can I contact for support if I have questions or need assistance?

    GetHair provides dedicated support for partners in the program. You can contact the support team via email, phone or Whatsapp

  • How are commissions paid, and how often?

    Commissions are disbursed on a monthly basis. Specifically, you'll receive the commission for a patient on the first week of the month following the completion of their surgery.

  • What type of training will I receive upon signing up?

    You'll receive access to short, informative videos that explain the basics of the hair transplant process and how to use the referral app effectively.

  • Will I need to answer clients’ detailed questions about hair transplants?

    No, barbers are not expected to answer detailed questions or sell the service. A basic understanding of the process is useful, but patient coordinators from GetHair will handle detailed inquiries and education of the patients

  • How do I use the referral app?

    The referral app is designed for ease of use. Barbers need to capture basic client information and photographs, then submit this information through the app. The app also allows tracking of referrals and earnings.