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With demanding jobs and busy lifestyles, sometimes our physical fitness can fall by the wayside. Getting into shape (and staying that way) isn’t a full time job! There are plenty of ways even the busiest modern entrepreneur can keep fit!


  1. Pick an efficient workout

Cut unnecessary preparation time! Pick an exercise that doesn’t take too much equipment or setting up. You might be a huge fan of rock climbing or windsurfing, but in terms of creating a daily fitness routine – they aren’t very practical. Streamline your workout for maximum impact and minimum time taken out of your day. Focus on a workout that accomplishes significant physical gains in a short period of time (sorry, golfers). High-intensity interval training, Tabata training, bodyweight exercises, and running are all great choices for this.

  1. Consider your preferences

If you read the previous tip and thought about how little you like running, or HIIT or Tabata, don’t dismiss that! Everyone has different likes and dislikes with exercise, as they do with everything. We each need to be realistic and to know ourselves. One person’s running is another person’s yoga, weight training or swimming. Getting fit can be an exercise in self-discipline as much as it is physically trying, but make it easier on yourself by choosing a form of exercise that fits your lifestyle, personality, and taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different forms of exercise until you find what works best for you.

  1. Set yourself targets and get competitive

When it comes to being successful at work, collaboration is key. But when we’re trying to motivate ourselves to exercise on a regular basis (and with enough intensity for it to really matter), competition has its merits. With a little bit of research, you can find a competition suitable to your skill level in almost any sport. Whether you’re elite, beginner, or somewhere in between, there’s something for all of us. Sign up to a future event, set a goal and commit to it. See if it gets you’re more interested in fitness.

  1. Keep track of your activity and progress

Keep a diary of when you’ve exercised and how long for. This will help you monitor progress and give you an idea of how much weekly exercise time you should be aiming for. As well as knowing which weeks worked better than others for you. Monitoring your progress in this way can help you identify areas for improvement and can help you to stay on track and realise when you’re slipping before you’ve completely lost the habit.

  1. A little workout is better than no workout

As a blanket rule, some exercises is always better than none. Whilst we might not have an entire evening free for a workout, we can always find a few free minutes in our day and this is enough! With an effective program, and done frequently enough, short and speedy workouts can do wonders to both the body and mind. Squeeze in fitness wherever you are and no matter how much time you have with body weight exercises or with the help of apps with pre-programmed short workouts—you can even do some exercises at your desk!

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