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Q:Hair loss comes from your mother’s side.

A:Hair loss is genetic, yes, but those genes come from both sides of your family. If there is hair loss somewhere in your family, even only on one side, there’s a good chance it will happen to you.

Q:It is normal to lose some hair everyday… but how many is considered normal?

A:Hair is always regenerating, and losing individual hairs isn’t anything to be concerned about. If you are lax about washing your hair frequently, you might even notice more loose hairs than you’d expect, as washing dislodges dead hairs that are barely hanging on. It is worth being concerned, however, if you notice that some areas are not regrowing hair.

Q:Choose the celebrities who have had hair transplants.

A:Prince William.

Hair transplants are increasingly common, and many celebrities have even opened up about their procedures, including James Nesbitt and Wayne Rooney. Especially as procedures have become more refined and natural looking, many men have been more willing to discuss their hair loss treatments. There is no shame in taking care of your appearance, particularly if it affects your self-confidence!

Q:Which of these could cause hair loss?

However, if your hair loss is due to stress, it will recover after the stressful time in your life has past. Stress doesn’t cause male pattern baldness. If you’re not losing your hair, wearing hats will not increase your chances of going bald. However, you should keep your hats clean so you don’t give yourself a scalp infection.

Q:Which ones are potential hair transplant patient candidates?

A:The Norwood scale is important because it depicts how hair loss progresses in the typical pattern of male baldness. In male pattern baldness, hair follicles shrink to the eventual point at which they are too small to grow hair. The further along that process a man is, the less likelihood that something can be done to treat hair loss. If you’re interested in remedying hair loss, getting professional advice as soon as possible is essential. While the pattern is predictable, the amount of time in which it happens is not.

Q:Which of these is not true about hair transplant surgery?

A: It always costs lots of money
While some hair transplant surgeries can be upwards of £6k, it is possible to find an affordable option that still provides high-quality facilities, the most experienced and talented doctors and a great result. If you’re curious how much an FUE procedure could cost you, contact us for more information.

Q:Where does the hair come from for an FUE procedure?

A:Patient’s own hair taken from his donor region which consists of the the backside of the head and sides.

This area plays a very significant role in hair transplant surgery. The condition of this area dictates if a person eligible for hair transplant or not. It also defines how many grafts could be harvested.

Q:What percentage of men over 35 years old experience hair loss?


Q:Frequent ejaculation can cause baldness.


First of all, how frequent is frequent anyway? Second, there is absolutely no proof that any sexual activity causes male pattern baldness or protects against it.

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