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If the eyes are the window to the soul then your eyebrows need to be a pretty good frame. Not only are they one of the first features people notice but they’re also full of expression – a badly shaped set of eyebrows can leave you looking perplexed, bemused, or even a little angry. There are a number of salons which offer plucking, waxing and even threading, but if you’d rather stay at home it isn’t difficult to shape and maintain a great set of arches yourself! Here is the ultimate guide on how to shape eyebrows.

how to shape eyebrows

Ditch the razor

No matter what, this is the number one piece of advice to take away from this article. Like any area which is shaved, your hair will only grow back leaving uncomfortable stubble and a shaving rash. It’s also much easier to go wrong and shave off a little too much with a razor!

Prepare your skin

Let’s not beat around the bush – removing unwanted hair can be a little uncomfortable. Luckily you can minimise any potential pain by softening your skin, best achieved by having a hot shower or applying a warm flannel to your brows beforehand. The heat and the moisture loosen your hair follicles, making it much easier to pluck them out.

Grab your tweezers

If you don’t have much experience on how to shape eyebrows it might be best to master plucking before moving on to waxing or threading. Plucking might be a little more time-consuming, but it’s much easier to step back and admire your progress when you’re working with one hair at a time! Never try to pluck more than one hair at once – it’s much more painful and you run the risk of leaving bald patches.

Monobrow or no monobrow?

When it comes to men’s eyebrows this is perhaps the biggest debate of all. Some men can really pull off a monobrow (particularly when the rest of their brows are nicely structured) whereas others look best with two distinct brows. Above all, it comes down to your personal preference and how you feel comfortable!

Shape up!

The overarching rule when it comes to shaping your brows is to follow their natural curve. You should only ever neaten your arches, and never try to change their actual shape. Typically the end of your eyebrow shouldn’t extend further than roughly 45 degrees from the far corner of your eye, and the front of your eyebrow should be almost parallel with the inside corner of your eye.

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