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Which hair transplant techniques are performed at GetHair?

FUE Method

This option is widely chosen by our patients. It’s a newer technique, favored for its minimal invasiveness compared to traditional methods. One significant advantage of FUE is that it does not leave a noticeable scar, unlike FUT. This is because it involves a less intensive surgical process where each hair follicle is individually extracted and transplanted.

Combined FUT and FUE Method

We recommend this combined strategy for patients who have undergone extensive hair loss and have a donor area that may not be ideal for FUE alone. FUT’s advantage lies in the ability to remove and use a complete strip of scalp skin, allowing the extraction of a larger number of grafts. This combined method can yield an additional 1500-2000 grafts compared to using FUE alone, particularly beneficial in cases where the donor area is less robust for an exclusive FUE procedure.

Unshaven FUE Method

This technique is a unique variation of the standard FUE method, offered by only a select few clinics. In Unshaven FUE, we do not shave any hair, neither in the donor area nor in the recipient area. This approach ensures that the hair transplant remains inconspicuous, with no visible signs of the procedure except for the newly implanted hairs and temporary crusts, which typically disappear within the first 14 days. A specialized punch tool is used in this method. It trims the hair to a short length (about 2-3mm) during the collection process, and these follicles are then implanted. This technique is ideal for those who wish to keep their hair transplant discreet and avoid the visible signs typically associated with hair restoration procedures.

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