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As 2023 draws to a close, our experts analysed the most searched celebrity hairstyles of the year. By analysing the number of Google search volumes of over 100 celebrity hairstyles we revealed the top 20 celebrity hairstyles we are coveting the most this year.

Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles’ hairstyles were the most searched this year

At the top of the list, with an average of 33,100 Google searches per month, is Jennifer Aniston’s iconic Rachel Green hairstyle, popularised in the 90s on Friends. Aniston’s hair made a comeback this year after the popularity of her hairstyle on the show went viral on TikTok. The choppy layered style associated with the star went viral on TikTok with #rachelgreenhair videos gaining over 39 million views in the past year. Not only has “the Rachel” made a revival in 2023, other 90’s hair trends such as the butterfly cut, shaggy layering, and bangs have been huge this year. 

In joint first place is Harry Styles, whose signature curly locks captured the public’s attention with an average monthly search volume of 33,100 queries reflecting the demand for replicating his effortlessly cool look. Though the star is known for his rugged tousled hair styling, he shocked fans in late 2023 when he revealed a newly shaved head. This sent social media into a frenzy, leading to views on TikTok videos containing #harrystylesbald reaching over 17 million that week. His new hairstyle caused searches for “how to shave head” to soar by 83% in the week his dramatic trim was revealed.

In third place on the list was sportsman David Beckham’s hair with an average of 22,200 searches per month, this comes as the ex-footballer debuted his Netflix documentary showcasing his career and in turn his iconic hairstyles. The star has had many significant hairstyles in his time, however, some of the most memorable include his buzzcut, long bob (not forgetting his headband), mohawk and of course his bleached tips.

Hailey Bieber came in at fourth place gaining over 18,100 average monthly searches for her hair. The influencer became the “it girl” of 2023 with fans looking to replicate her fashion, beauty and hair choices, with TikTok views on videos containing #haileybieberhair reaching 65 million this year. In May, Hailey debuted a sleek, blunt bob which led to a surge in searches for her new look as fans looked to replicate the style.

Johnny Depp is in fifth place on the list, also with 18,100 searches per month. The movie star’s wavy, shoulder-length locks grew in popularity as he debuted his groomed slick back hairstyle on the Cannes red carpet in May. 

Taylor Swift followed with 18,100 searches per month for her signature hairstyle. The star, named Person of the Year in 2023, has influenced everything from music and fashion to beauty and hair this year, with fans seeking to emulate her signature look. Though the singer has tried many hair trends, the one she is most synonymous with is her blonde textured waves and sleek bangs which she showcased throughout her Era’s tour this year.

One person who has been in the headlines throughout 2023 is Elon Musk. There are a lot of reasons people may know him, be it from Tesla, SpaceX or the acquisition of Twitter, but it’s probably not because of his hair! Searches for Elon Musk’s hair 14,800 in 2023. One reason for this could be Musk’s rumoured hair transplant, though he has never discussed the transformation many people have highlighted the clear difference over the years. 

In eighth place, behind his wife Hailey, is Justin Bieber with an average 14,800 searches per month for his hair. These searches could be down to the fact the singer hasn’t been seen in pictures without a hat since 2022, leading to curiosity among fans as to why.

Drake is in ninth place with 12,100 average monthly searches for his hair, known for dramatically changing his hairstyles. The singer is not afraid to mix up his look, in 2023 the star sported a range of braided looks which many fans have taken inspiration from, however, one trend people weren’t as sure about was his parted afro with pink barrettes he sported in summer this year.

Coming in at tenth place is actor Chris Hemsworth who gained over 9,900 average monthly searches for his hair, likely due to his long-haired Marvel persona Thor. The long, blonde, wavy style is synonymous with the actors on screen character many people love.

Top 20 most searched celebrity hairstyles of 2023

CelebrityAverage Monthly Searches
1Jennifer Aniston33100
2Harry Styles33100
3David Beckham22200
4Hailey Bieber18100
5Johnny Depp18100
6Taylor Swift18100
7Elon Musk14800
8Justin Bieber14800
10Chris Hemsworth9900
11Jenna Ortega9900
12Kate Middleton9900
13Kim Kardashian9900
14Margot Robbie9900
15Miley Cyrus8100
16Prince Harry8100
17Tom Holland8100
18Meghan Markle6600
19Prince William6600
20Kendall Jenner5400

Celebrity hairstyles constantly evolve, so take inspiration from trends but always be sure to prioritise your personal style and what you are comfortable with. Experiment with more subtle changes that enhance your natural features instead of drastic transformations that might fade out quickly.

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