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What women really think about men and their hair?

We have surveyed 2,000 women aged between 25 and 40 across the UK and asked them what they really think about men with thinning hair or bald.

At GetHair, we’ve been wondering whether women actually care about male hair loss. So, to find out whether our fears about losing our hair are true, or not.

Here’s what we have found below;

If you’re suffering from hair loss, then it’s likely you’re worried the process is making you less attractive to women. If you are, then there’s no need to worry. In fact, these are completely natural thoughts because most of us link our hair loss to a loss of our physical and sexual appeal.

Women prefer men with a full head of hair

Sadly, it looks like the rumours about women being less interested in bald men are true. This is because our survey told us that only 10% of young women think that bald men look attractive. In addition to this, there seems to be some stigma around dating a bald man, because 7 out of 10 women we surveyed told us that they’d never dated a bald man.

From our survey, it’s clear to see that women really do prefer men who have a full head of hair. However, although this is obviously disheartening, it’s actually great news if you’re considering getting a hair transplant. This is because it reassures you that the procedure really could help to change your life for the better. After all, it will likely make you more successful with the ladies.

Our other key findings

Overall, it seems as though a majority of women do prefer men with a full head of hair. After all, 59% of the women we surveyed told us that they find men with hair more attractive than those who are bald. In addition to this, almost half of the women we surveyed (45%) told us that men lose some of their attractiveness when they lose their hair.

If you’re currently in a relationship, it looks like you might be asked to address your hair loss, too. 43% of women told us that they would tell their partners if their hair was receding and 20% would encourage them to do something about it.

Younger women have stronger views about hair loss

Our survey also found that younger women have stronger views about hair loss than those who are a little bit older. For example, although 1 in 5 women aged 25-30 would not date a bald man, only 10% of women aged 31-35 told us that they would break up with their partner if they lost their hair.

For the 20-30 age group though, male hair loss does seem to be something of a deal breaker when it comes to assessing attractiveness. After all, 50% of women aged 25-30 told us that men lose some of their attractiveness when they lose their hair and 1 in 3 women aged 25-30 think a full head of hair is the biggest attraction at first sight.

That said, male hair loss is a concerning sight for women of all ages. After all, 80% of the women we surveyed told us that they would let their partner know if he was losing his hair and more than 1 in 4 women aged 25-30 would encourage their partner to treat their hair loss if they were suffering from thinning hair.

Women living in London have higher expectations

It looks like there’s also some regional disparity on how women view men with hair loss. If you live in London, then this isn’t good news. This is because women in London have higher expectations of men than anywhere else in the UK.

In our survey, 1 in 5 London women told us they would break up with their partner if they went bald and more than 1 in 5 London women said they would never date a bald man. Added to this, 40% of London women strongly believe that men with well-styled hair look better than bald men, and nearly two-thirds of women in the capital think that men become less attractive when they start to lose their hair.

But, if you’re living in London and suffering from baldness then you’ll be pleased to know that there are some physical attributes that can help you make up for your thinning hair. In fact, our survey found that nearly a third of women in London favour a well-endowed man over a man with good hair.

10 things you should know about male hair loss

From the results of our survey, it’s clear to see that most women do think men who are suffering from hair loss are less attractive than those with a full head of hair. So, if you’re suffering from hair loss and you’re unsure what to do about it, here are the answers to 10 questions we’re commonly asked:

1.   Why am I losing my hair?

Losing your hair isn’t the same as going bald and your hair loss could be caused by a number of factors. For example, if you’re losing your hair in patches then you may be suffering from alopecia, but if your hair loss is regular and in a receding pattern, it’s likely to be male pattern baldness. Finding the cause of your hair loss is likely to determine the cure.

2.   How quickly will I lose my hair?

If you’ve only just started to notice your hair loss, then you’ll be pleased to know that it usually takes 15-25 years for you to go entirely bald. This means you have plenty of time to find a hair loss solution that works for you.

3.   Do I have a genetic problem?

Male pattern baldness occurs when your body becomes increasingly sensitive to androgens. How much you’re affected by this process is hereditary.

However, hair loss can also be caused by a number of other factors like scalp infections and illnesses. In these circumstances, hair loss is often reversible. 

4.   Can stress play a role?

Emotional stress can play a role in your hair loss. If you’ve suffered from a traumatic event and your hair is falling out in clumps, then your hair loss may be caused by stress. In these circumstances, you should book an appointment with your GP.

5.   How can I stop my hair falling out?

Hair loss is completely natural and many of us lose around 100 hairs every day without even noticing. Although male pattern baldness is irreversible, hair loss can also be caused by factors like tight hair styles and aggressively rubbing your hair when drying it. So, try not to pull your hair too much, and try to let it dry naturally.

6.   How can I treat my hair loss?

If you’re at the early stage of hair loss, then you can take steps to halt its progress. Both minoxidil lotion and finasteride can help. However, both are expensive long-term solutions.

7. Are there side effects to medications?

Both the above medications are safe but you may experience short-term side effects according to Men’s Health. For example, minoxidil lotion can cause skin irritation and finasteride can cause a rash. A small number of finasteride users also experience erection problems.

8. Will I suffer from psychological problems?

If you’re going bald then you may suffer from low self-esteem and you may even feel a little depressed. However, going bald is incredibly common and you can conquer these fears by learning more about the causes of your problem and the treatment options available.

9. Will the rest of my hair fall out?

No. If you’re suffering from male pattern baldness, only the hairs on your head will be affected. If you suffer from hair loss in other places, contact your doctor.

10.  Are there any permanent treatment options?

Yes. If you’re concerned about your hair loss and you feel like a full head of hair will cause you to regain your confidence, then contact us today to discuss the possibility of getting a hair transplant in Turkey. This can be a life-changing procedure that will leave you with a full head of hair.

In summary, although women prefer men with a full head of hair, there’s no need to worry if you’ve noticed your hair is falling out. Consider your treatment options carefully and you’ll regain your confidence in no time.

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